Leveraging the Law of Focus

loyb podcast Jul 11, 2023

The results that you get, good or not-so-good, are driven by one thing...

Where you put your FOCUS.

Break down success into two words, and you'll hear 'intentionality' and 'focus'.

Far too often, we lose our focus on what matters most. Both within our business, and within our lives outside of our business, trading one for the other.

So, what should we focus on within our business?

And, what should we create space for and focus on outside our business so we are fulling living our Rich Fulfilled Life™?

While that answer is different for everyone and can shift and evolve over time, there are a few fundamentals that lead to success in business. By implementing these foundations, you create space for what's important outside of business.

Join us for this week's episode of the #LOYBPodcast, where Crista dives into "The Law of Focus" including:

  • How to recognize when your focus isn't aligned with the results you want

  •  The key areas to focus on for a sustainably successful business

  •  How to get clear on the facets of your Rich Fulfilled Life™

  •  2 techniques that help you holistically create space for everything that's important to you

  •  How to not lose focus on what's important outside of your business when you are in a season of being hyper-focused on business success


Additionally, she shares how to maintain focus on ALL the different facets of both your business and life in a way that's actually productive and fulfilling instead of overwhelming, draining, and distracting.




The Power of Intentionality and Focus

Growing Your Business and Living a Rich Fulfilled Life


As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats and juggle numerous responsibilities. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day tasks, losing sight of what truly matters. That's why being intentional and laser-focused with our time is absolutely crucial.

One the most important lessons I share  is that building a successful business "ecosystem" includes surrounding ourselves with the right team, systems, tools, and technology.

However, none of these elements can truly flourish without the power of focus.

So how can you leverage "The Law of Focus?

What does actually entail, and how can it benefit your business?

These are the important foundations that I share with clients...


The Law of Focus: Where You Focus, You Get Results
The Law of Focus highlights the direct correlation between where you choose to place your focus and the outcomes you achieve. To harness the power of this law, it's essential to be intentional and laser-focused with your time. By building a successful ecosystem consisting of the right team, systems, tools, and technology, you pave the way for sustainable success.

The Two Levels of Time Division
To effectively allocate your time, consider the two levels of time division: the overarching time pie and the business time pie. While your business is undoubtedly an important aspect of your life, it is just one piece of the overall pie. Allocate time for other essential aspects such as relationships, health, and personal fulfillment.

Regularly Revisit and Reassess Time Allocation
Consistently reviewing and reassessing your time allocation is key to maintaining a balance between personal and business priorities. I recommend undertaking this reflection quarterly or, at the very least, every year. Each week may vary in terms of focus, allowing you to allocate more time to personal life or business as needed.

The Danger of Unintentionally Neglecting Important Things
Caught up in the day-to-day activities of running your business, it's easy to unintentionally neglect vital aspects of your life. The key is to approach time allocation with intentionality and ensure you give adequate focus to all areas that contribute to your overall well-being and success.

Focus on What's Important to You
While striving for perfection every day or week is unrealistic, it is essential to focus on the things that truly matter to you. By identifying your priorities and aligning your focus with them, you create a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Avoid the Downsides of Context Switching
Constantly switching between different areas of your business can be overwhelming and drain your energy. Instead of falling into this trap, aim for focus across multiple areas without neglecting any. This will allow you to maintain productivity and avoid energy-draining context switching.

The Three Key Factors for Business Success
When it comes to achieving business success, there are three key factors to consider: strategy, strategic growth and retention, and operational excellence. From raising brand visibility to providing an exceptional client experience, optimizing existing processes, and leveraging tools and technology, each factor plays a crucial role in your overall success.

The Path to Better Results: Optimize What's Working
In small businesses, the focus is often on pursuing new ventures instead of optimizing what is already working well. However, optimizing existing processes and functions can lead to incremental improvements and better results. The path to success lies in strategic growth, operational excellence, and sustainable action aligned with your overall vision.

Maintaining Balance for Sustainable Success
While short-term wins are important, it's equally vital to focus on long-term sustainable success. Pacing yourself and your team and finding a balance between personal and business priorities help prevent burnout and ensure continued growth and fulfillment.

Allow Space for Relearning and Rediscovery
I, too, am on a constant journey of relearning and rediscovering the power of focus. Through my experience, I've developed a keen eye for helping others recognize when they may not be putting enough focus on the right things. As a mentor and coach, I support my clients in maintaining a multifaceted and holistic approach to life, ensuring a rich and fulfilled life blueprint.



Ultimately, our goal should be to create a rich and fulfilled life.

It's about maintaining a balance between short-term wins and long-term sustainable success. Pace yourself and your team to avoid burnout. Surround yourself with people who excel in growth, marketing, and sales to complement your visionary leadership style.

Remember, results will highlight areas that require more focus and gaps within your team. Determine where your focus should be and leverage existing resources for other areas. Identify gaps that may require additional hiring or upskilling.


If you're struggling to find the right focus and need personalized help, consider scheduling a VIP strategy day or a COO for a day session. Together, we can shift your focus, align with your vision, and achieve the desired results.

The Lean Out Method programs, including the Reimagine Retreat, Simplify to Scale, and Ops Academy, are designed to help you assess your business engines and build a blueprint for a rich fulfilled life.


In summary, as I constantly relearn and redo this process for myself, I've come to recognize the importance of taking a multifaceted and holistic approach to life.

Prioritizing a rich fulfilled life before tackling other areas is essential.

Let's embrace intentionality and the power of focus for our coaching, consulting, or online service businesses.

By doing so, we can not only achieve remarkable results but also cultivate a life that is truly rich and fulfilled.

by Crista Grasso

Crista Grasso is the go-to strategic planning expert for leading global businesses and online entrepreneurs when they want to scale.  Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably. She specializes in helping businesses gain clarity on the most important things that will drive maximum value for their clients and maximum profits for their business.  She is the creator of the Lean Out Method, 90 Day Lean Out Planner, and host of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast


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