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We Invite You to Step Into the Spirit of Possibility and...

Redefine What Success Looks Like. 

Reimagine What's Possible.

Are you feeling ready for a change or to go bigger as you step into your next level?

  • Maybe you've been working way too much and are sick of continuously sacrificing your personal life and your health for your business?
  • Or maybe you've lost the passion you once felt for what you do and want to take a fresh look at your business model, offers, or team?
  • Or maybe you are filled with so many amazing ideas to scale your business but don't know where to focus next?
  • Or maybe you're thinking to the future and may know that what got you here won't get you there, but have no idea what will get you there. And where exactly is there anyway?!?

If any of these sound like you, and you are also ready to say f-it to all of the 'musts' and 'shoulds' and instead scale your business in a simple, sustainable, and inspired way that is in alignment for you, then...

It’s Time To Embrace All That You and Your Business Can Be





A powerful 3-day immersive experience focused on:

Strategy ✧ Planning ✧ Transformation ✧ Next-Level Results


The Reimagine Retreat will be the best investment you make this year - in your business, and in yourself.


OCTOBER 11th - 13th, 2022 in SCOTTSDALE, AZ

I decided to attend the LOLU Retreat because I want to scale my coaching business but knew that it needed to be simplified first. I realized that I had been holding off on scaling because I believed that a bigger business would require more work and I was already at capacity.

Crista's Lean Out Method makes it not only seem possible, but actually gave me a step-by-step proven process for doing so. I am excited to move forward and make it a reality!

See You in Scottsdale, AZ

OCTOBER 11th - 13th


Included is a 4-night stay, Monday 10/10 through Friday 10/14, at The Scott Resort and Spa in Scottsdale Arizona. Described as "a sanctuary set against Scottsdale’s historic downtown" rooms are generously sized and newly renovated to create an inviting luxury experience in vibrant Sonoran style.

Each room includes a Nespresso machine (we are all about Nespresso!), wifi, and spa-style bath amenities. 

The resort features 2 outdoor pools surrounded by lush gardens, daily yoga, a luxury spa, access to Pure Bicycles, a 24 hour fitness center, and a resort shuttle to take you anywhere within a 3 mile radius.



We Don't Do Boring Conference Rooms.

Pull up a chair or grab a seat on the roomy couch. Whatever you choose, you won't be stuck in some freezing cold and uninspiring conference room with outdated decor and no windows in sight.

Instead you'll be surrounded by natural sunlight in a luxurious and inspiring space, perfect for connection, transformation, and stepping into your next level.


Prepare to fall back in love with your business again and feel reconnected and inspired, while increasing your impact and profitability.

What's Different About This Event

We are all about blending the practical with the transformational.
  • It's not about doing more, it's about finding the few things that will make the biggest impact and optimizing the shit out of them.

  • You won't walk away with an overwhelming list of things to do, you will leave with a whole lot of clarity and focus, and a roadmap for success and scale for YOUR business.

  • With uninterrupted space and dedicated focus time, you will build out your Q4 plan and 2023 roadmap that you can start taking action on right away.  

  • You will be in good company with a small intimate group of powerhouse women who are trail blazers, dream chasers and magic makers.


"When I registered for the retreat, I wanted to walk away from it with clarity about my priorities and a clear action plan of what to work on (and finish) first. I got that and SO much more than I expected!

Not only do I now have clarity on what I'm going to make time for (including non-business related priorities, like self care, rest, and play) but I also have a new found sense of permission to do the work I love while saying "no" to work that depletes me. I also have a roadmap for creating a clear vision for where I want my business to go and a strategic plan for how to bring that vision to reality.

Not only was the retreat engaging, informative, and productive, but I got so many brilliant ideas of how to grow my business in simple ways from the other attendees. Everyone was supportive, encouraging, and open to sharing their experiences and resources that would help the entire group.

If you feel like a hamster in a wheel that's constantly working but getting nowhere, or you feel stuck and don't know what to work on next, or you're like me and start a million projects but don't finish anything, this retreat will help you clear out the mental clutter, gain clarity on what's truly important, and get laser-focused on doing the work that will take you and your business to the next level."




You wake up to a beautiful view, and spend a little time journaling while enjoying a freshly-poured Nespresso in your room.

Then you head out to yoga to start the day feeling grounded, refreshed, and ready for deep transformation and connection.

You step into the retreat space, fill a plate with fresh fruit and step out onto the balcony to enjoy a healthy breakfast while getting to know the other attendees and start to build relationships that may last a lifetime.

Then you settle in and get ready to strategize on your next level.

As the 1st day wraps up, you make plans with some of the other attendees for dinner to relax and connect.


It's like groundhog day, in the best possible way.  You wake up yet again to a beautiful view, spend some time journaling while enjoying your delicious Nespresso, then head out to another morning of yoga. 

You make your way over to the retreat space for a day filled with hot seats and masterminding plus having your own mini-photoshoot.

You end the session feeling amazing!  Not only did you get incredible and transformational feedback and insights on your questions, but you feel great about being able to support the other attendees with their questions as well.

4:30pm gets there before you know it and it's time to enjoy cocktails (or you can join Crista in having some mocktails instead) and dive into casual conversations with the other attendees and team Lean Out Method.

As the welcome reception comes to a close, you and some of the other guests make plans to meet for dinner and keep the magic of the day going. 


You repeat your morning routine and excitedly head to the retreat space. You can't believe it's already day 3 but you can't wait to take everything from the 1st two days and create your roadmap and plan so you have clarity on what to do as soon as you get home.

As the retreat comes to an end, you find that you feel inspired and lighter...

Instead of feeling like you now having an overwhelming list of new things you need to do, you are actually leaving with less to do and feel energized by what comes next.

But you're not ready to say goodbye yet... so it's one final night out enjoying dinner and connection with the other attendees, who you now consider friends.

As you settle in for your last night in Arizona, you think how grateful you are for this experience and for investing in your business and yourself.


The Reimagine Retreat is for you if you are an established business owner ready for your next evolution and want to be a part of a super exclusive and deeply transformational experience. 

Whether you are ready to make a big bold business move and reimagine your full business model or if you are at the point of refining what you have and know that small changes will generate huge results, this retreat is for you.

When I reflect on all of the major uplevels I have experienced in my businesses over the past 20 years, attending retreats and participating in masterminds was the #1 catalyst.

That’s why I’m so passionate about creating this same kind of experience for you.  Plus, it's a fraction of the investment in doing this work with me privately or in one of my yearlong mastermind programs.  

Only 6 - 12 entrepreneurs will be accepted for this mastermind retreat experience so we can take the time to do the deeply transformational work to simplify, scale, and evolve your business.

Why an Intimate VIP Experience in October?

Like all things we do at Lean Out Method, we chose October with intention.  

Here's something most business coaches and consultants don't tell you - real transformation takes time.

The changes you commit to today can take months to implement successfully when you want to be smart and strategic and not negatively impact current client commitments or cash flow.

So you know those big bold moves you want to make in your business in 2023? They start in Q4, not in January.  

I know, I know, it's probably not what you want to hear. 

But I also know that you're in this for true sustainable success and not just short-term and short-sighted tactics that leave you working harder than ever and worse off than where you started.  

But you know what else makes October the perfect time for this retreat?

You have the opportunity to plan for a wildly successful finish to THIS year while setting yourself up for massive success and scale NEXT year.

It is the absolute best time to meet when you are ready to reimagine your business for it's next evolution.







or 3 Payments of $1,897

Total Value is over $13,000

  • Access to 3-Day In-Person Transformational Retreat Tu 10/11 - Th 10/13
  • Dedicated 30-Minute Mastermind-Style Hot Seat
  • 4 Nights Hotel Stay at The Scott Resort & Spa (M 10/10 - F 10/14)
  • Reception and Cocktail Hour on Wed 10/12
  • Breakfast and Lunch Provided Tu - Th including Water, Coffee, and Tea
  • Success Swag Bag with Lean Out Planner and Other Fun Surprises!
  • BONUS: 30 Day Post-Retreat Implementation Group Check In
  • BONUS: 90 Days Access to Digital Lean Out Method Program

*Only 6 spaces available with the hotel stay included



Secure your spot now in this small circle intimate retreat + mastermind experience.

If for any reason you can't join us, you have until September 1st, 2022 to cancel for a full refund.


" I feel like I've had so many light bulb moments in this retreat... not only am I walking away knowing that my business will be even more profitable,

I know that I'll be able to spend less time in my business and more time ON my business,

and even more important than that, I'll be able to focus on activities that really feel pleasurable for me and really allow me to operate in my zone of genius. 

I can not say enough amazing things about this retreat."

- Melissa Cassera, Entrepreneur and Screen Writer

Hear What Prior Retreat Attendees Had to Share About Their Experience



Crista is a business scaling strategist, and a lean and agile strategic planning and systems expert with more than 2 decades of experience working with small businesses and large Fortune 50 companies. 

She is the creator of the Lean Out Method® and the Lean Business Scaling System™ which she designed specifically for small businesses who want to scale to multiple 7 figures in simple and sustainable ways. 

Her 1-on-1 strategic advisory and transformational group programs and retreats help you eliminate unnecessary complexity and build a business that runs itself through simple systems and a rockstar team so you can step into your next level of visionary leadership and dramatically increase your impact and profitability while regaining time back in your week.

She is passionate about helping businesses make their big bold vision and goals a reality in the most aligned and simple way possible.

The Reimagine Retreat is just the right blend of...

focus and funrejuvenation and transformation


"HOLY HECK! Crista Grasso’s Lean Out, Level Up Retreat was powerful stuff. My biz has the energy and optimism of a 17 year old again.

Hands down the best retreat I have ever attended!"

Sneak Peek Inside the 3 Days

Sessions are 9am to 5pm each day with breakfast at 8:30am; cocktail reception goes to 6pm

Explore the high level agenda below



  • Welcome Breakfast
  • Reimagine Your Next Level 
  • Create Your Rich Fulfilled Life 
  • Align, Simplify, and Create Space



  • Strategies, Systems, & Team for Scale
  • Mastermind-Style Hot Seats
  • Individual Mini-Photoshoots
  • Cocktail Reception



  • Develop Your Q4 Profit & Focus Plan
  • Develop Your 2023 Strategic Roadmap for Success & Scale
  • Next Level YOU

Here's Everything You'll Experience at the Reimagine Retreat


One of the best things you can do to level up is to surround yourself with people who think different.⁣

  • People who have achieved the next level of success⁣
  • People who are outside your industry⁣
  • People with different experiences⁣
  • People with different perspectives⁣

At this retreat, you will find yourself building connections with the people who will help you get to your next level, from your retreat host to the other attendees.

When a group of committed trail blazers, dream chasers and magic makers come together to support one another, anything is possible. 

$1000 value

Clarity and Focus

We will spend 3 full days together getting clear on your next level of success and scale for your business.

You will leave this retreat with the clarity and focus on how to make 2023 successful beyond your wildest imagination.  You'll also leave with a 90 day plan for Q4 so you can finish out 2022 strong and achieve your most important goals and revenue targets.

Expect some serious breakthroughs and game changer moments, and an action plan that is fully aligned to the big vision and goals you have for your reimagined business.

$5000 value

Mastermind-Style Hotseats

How would you like to have a dedicated 30 minutes laser focused on your business with a small group of powerhouse entrepreneurs and trailblazers deep diving into your biggest burning business question, challenge, or opportunity?

This highly valuable and transformative experience is usually reserved for our mastermind clients, but we are incorporating mastermind-style hot seats into the 3-day retreat so you get a blend of mastermind + retreat.

That dedicated time focused on YOU will be worth the investment alone!  

$1500 value

Time for Reflection & Strategic Thinking

Sometimes you need to step away from your daily routine in order to truly level up. 

Give yourself the gift of space and dedicated focus time so you can reflect and think strategically about your next level of business and personal success.

Take in the fresh air, feel the sunshine on your skin, and immerse yourself in the stunning Arizona landscape and you will leave the retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and so ready for what comes next!  

We are all about Lean + Luxe and the retreat provides both.


4 Night Hotel Stay at The Scott Resort & Spa


Included for the first 6 people is your 4-night stay at The Scott from Monday, October 10th through Friday, October 14th.

You can expect a lush oasis vibe, spacious room, and plenty of natural light with a balcony or patio.

October is prime time for Arizona due to the gorgeous weather so booking these rooms on your own would be $920/night when you add in taxes and the daily resort fee. 

Instead the room is included, and best of all? No need to book the hotel yourself, we have everything taken care of for you.

You just need to show up ready to level up.

$3700 value

Meals and Cocktail / Mocktail Reception


In addition to in-room Nespresso, each day of the retreat includes a delicious and healthy breakfast and lunch with water, coffee, and tea available. Food sensitivities and preferences will be accommodated as best as possible.

To celebrate our time together and build deeper connections amongst guests, there will be a cocktail / mocktail reception from 4:30pm - 6pm on day 2 of the retreat.

$700 value

BONUS: 30-Day Checkpoint

It can be challenging to maintain the transformation and positive momentum you experience at a retreat so we make it easy to stay focused on the actions that will help you realize your next level by hosting a 30-day checkpoint after the retreat.

Get ready to share your wins, check in on your $25k challenge, and celebrate the other attendees success!

$500 value

BONUS: Lean Out Method Digital Program


You get 90 days access to the Lean Out Method digital program to help you accelerate the implementation of your strategic roadmap for 2023 and plan for Q4. It will help you deepen your understanding of how to do less to achieve more and build true sustainable success as you make your big bold vision and goals a reality. 

$1000 value

BONUS: Tools for Sustainable Success

We'll work through powerful exercises and discussions to not only transform and level up your business and yourself but to also build sustainable success so you always have the confidence that your business will thrive.

As an attendee of the Reimagine Retreat, you'll receive an exclusive workbook to compliment the activities we do together, as well as a 90-day Lean Out Planner to keep you focused on making your big bold vision and goals a reality.

You'll have all the tools you need to build sustainable success both at the event and after.

$200 value

BONUS: Mini-Photoshoot

You are taking the time to invest in working ON your business, so why not optimize that investment with some new photos for social and web!

Each attendee will get a personal mini-photoshoot with our event photographer. 

These mini-shoots are lots of fun and provide you with fresh content for your next level. Best of all, you can cross new photos off your to-do list for this quarter and invest that time and money into something else. 

$400 value

Apply now to secure one of the limited spaces and lock in early bird pricing!


"WOW! Crista gives SO much value in everything she does. I am revived and ready to step up to my excellence because I feel empowered instead of being frozen in intimidation.

The breakouts were fantastic, the material was phenomenal, the teaching points were clear and manageable....but I think the most value I received was the "light bulb" moment that running a business isn't meant to drown me. I am not meant to do everything, but really I am meant to work inside my 'Zone of Genius', and create a team who is allowed to do the same AND compliments and supports my dream/talent.

Also, I cried as the surprise was unveiled for each participant. Powerfully moving and inspiring."