with Crista Grasso - Lean Business Consultant, Strategic Planning Expert, and Creator of the Lean Out Method 

A 6-month group mentorship experience to help you eliminate complexity and scale your business simply and sustainably, without having to trade today for tomorrow.

Get your time back, do more of what you love, dramatically increase your impact and profitability, and unlock your next level of visionary leadership.


Hey passion-fueled coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs, I see you.

I see how hard you've worked to grow your business to what it is today.

Let's take a moment and celebrate everything you have accomplished and all of the people you have been able to impact!  You have done what so many others only dream of doing.

But now you're wondering, what's next

You may be thinking that first big milestone wasn't everything you thought it would be - and weren't things supposed to be easier once you hit 6 figures?

You know that what got you here won't get you there, but what will?  And where the hell is there anyway?!?

You love what you do but you're starting to lose the passion you once felt for your business because let's face it, you're exhausted.

You want to be able to scale and know that there has to be an easier way, but...

You're feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices and aren't sure what the right next step is for your business.

And you also may not be sure how to take that big vision that you have and actually break it down into the tangible pieces that will make it a reality.

Well, take a deep breath and imagine this...

What if you could:

  • Scale your online business to multi-6 and 7 figures in a really simple and sustainable way

  • Increase your profitability and impact WITHOUT having to trade your personal life and freedom for your next level of business growth

  • Spend your time doing work you love, focused on the things that fuel you instead of drain you

  • Actually check out and enjoy your days off and vacations without that sense of panic that things will fall apart without you (and without constant messages from your team)

  • Build a team of amazing and devoted rock stars fully committed to your success, allowing you to step into true visionary leadership


The Simplify 2 Scale Business Accelerator shows you how, and provides accountability and support every step of the way.

Simplify 2 Scale (S2S) is a 6-month group mentorship experience for successful entrepreneurs ready for their next level of business and leadership success.

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By the end of the 6 months, you will experience:

↑ Increased Productivity - get more done in less time #lessbutbetter

↑ Increased Profitability - scaling is about increased profit not just revenue

↑ Increased Passion & Alignment - love what you do and how you do it

↑ Increased Value to Your Clients - hello greater impact and client results!

↓ Decreased Waste - say goodbye to wasted, time, money, and energy

↓ Decreased Overwork & Overwhelm -  you will have clarity so you are ONLY working on what matters most

↓ Decreased Stress - gone are the days where you aren't sure what to do next or have so many things to choose from you don't know where to start 

You get access to all of the secrets and strategies I’ve used when advising some of the largest and most successful Fortune 50 businesses in the world in a variety of industries including automotive, manufacturing, fashion, and technology. 

Jordan Eades

"Overall, it's been a tremendous experience for me in the Accelerator, and I feel so much more confident. The program will give you the methodology, the secret sauce, so to speak, that you need to really achieve your goals and get connected to that high level vision.

I have become more profitable and who doesn't love that!  While the profitability is amazing, I'm definitely loving how I am working smarter and not harder.  I've cleared away the overwhelm and the exhaustion." 

- Jordan Eades, Your Best Business Life


We Show You How to Simplify Success

Inside Simplify to Scale, we support you through strategic advisory, accountability, sustainable business practices, adaptable systems, and connection.

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You get an unprecedented amount of value, designed with intention to only take 1 - 2 hours of your time live each week.  

We help you simplify your business through our Lean Out Method System and help you scale through our Scalable Signature Offer Incubator.

Here is everything you get inside the Simplify to Scale Business Accelerator:

  • Lean Out Method System
  • Scalable Signature Offer Incubator
  • 12 Twice-Monthly Q&A and Laser Coaching Calls with Crista
  • 6 Simplify to Scale Monthly Workshops with Crista
  • 6 Private Monthly Accountability Calls with Jessica
  • 6 Monthly Open Office Hours with Jessica
  • Passion, Profit, Value Framework
  • Rich Fulfilled Life Blueprint

In addition, Simplify to Scale includes these epic bonuses to further accelerate your results:

  • $25K Challenge Quick Start 
  • 1-Day Signature Method Framework Virtual Retreat
  • Lean Dream Team System
  • Private 6 Month Review 
  • Success Swag Bag 
  • LIMITED BONUS: Simplify to Scale + In-Person Retreat Bundle

"As an entrepreneur and screenwriter, I’ve been doing this work for over a decade and it’s been so amazing... to learn how to optimize my business and lean it out. I had absolutely no idea how complicated I made my business, how I wasn’t using certain resources effectively, how much time I was spending on activities and things that really weren’t lending themselves well to my bottom line.

I know that my business will be even more profitable, and I know that I will be able to spend less time IN my business and more time ON my business."

- Melissa Cassera, Entrepreneur and Screenwriter

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Simplify to Scale

$1,800 $1,250 per month*

  • Monthly Simplify to Scale Workshops
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching
  • Monthly Open Office Hours
  • Twice-Monthly Q&A Calls 
  • Complete Lean Out Method System
  • Complete Scalable Signature Offer System and Incubator 
  • 24x7 Private Community
  • BONUS: Success Swag Bag
  • BONUS: 1 Day Virtual Retreat
  • BONUS: Building and Scaling Your Lean Dream Team System
  • BONUS: Private 6 Month Review with Jessica

*6 month commitment

$6750 Pay in Full


Simplify to Scale VIP

$2,800 $2,000 per month*

  • Monthly Simplify to Scale Workshops
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching
  • Monthly Open Office Hours
  • Twice-Monthly Q&A Calls 
  • Complete Lean Out Method System
  • Complete Scalable Signature Offer System and Incubator 
  • 24x7 Private Community
  • BONUS: Success Swag Bag
  • BONUS: 1 Day Virtual Retreat
  • BONUS: Building and Scaling Your Lean Dream Team System
  • BONUS: Private 6 Month Review with Jessica
  • VIP ONLY: 6 Monthly Private Strategy Sessions with Crista

*6 month commitment

$10800 Pay In Full


Here is everything you get inside the Simplify to Scale Business Accelerator

Learn more about each component of the Simplify to Scale Business Accelerator, designed with intention to take only 1- 2 hours live each week.

The backbone of the Simplify to Scale Accelerator is the Lean Out Method system and the Scalable Signature Offer Incubator.
  • LEAN OUT METHOD SYSTEM - The Lean Out Method system is a proven and highly effective system that balances structure with flexibility and will help you cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can achieve your biggest goals and create a scalable, profitable, and sustainably successful business without working 24x7 and giving up your personal life, health, and freedom for your next level of business success. $2,000 value
  • SCALABLE SIGNATURE OFFER INCUBATOR - This is a program within a program designed to support you in developing and optimizing your (next) scalable signature offer and end-to-end marketing and sales systems for your offer.  This is perfect for those who have too many offers or too much complexity and want to streamline and simplify down to a cohesive scalable signature offer suite or for those who have been working 1-on-1 with clients and are ready to add a 1-to-many group program or offer.  It is also perfect for those who have scaled their signature offer and are looking to significantly amplify their results by leveraging their customer journey.  6 months access | $6,000 value


We provide you with all of the strategic advisory, accountability, and support you need to simplify and scale your business, including:
  • 12 TWICE-MONTHLY Q&A AND LASER COACHING WITH CRISTA - Twice per month, you have the opportunity to ask Crista your burning business questions or dive into specific business topics for feedback and strategic support.  We intentionally keep the S2S Accelerator small-circle so you have lots of opportunities to get your business questions answered. 12 sessions total | $6,000 value

  • 6 SIMPLIFY TO SCALE MONTHLY WORKSHOPS - Every other month, there will be a LIVE workshop focused on helping you achieve your next level of business and leadership growth and simplify to scale.  Each of these sessions are packed with so much actionable value that they could be stand-alone programs (and some are!). Upcoming workshops include 7-Figure Idea Incubator, Productivity Powerhouse, Mindset Mastery, Metrics That Matter, Business Model Blueprint, Offer Optimization, (yes, I have a thing for alliterations :D).  6 sessions total | $6,000 value

  • 6 MONTHLY PRIVATE ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING CALLS -  Each month, you will meet 1-on-1 with Jessica, your dedicated Lean Out Accountability Coach and planning expert. She will help you keep laser focused on reaching those big bold goals that you set by providing personalized accountability and support. You'll review results, discuss pivots, and get clear on the next month's priorities. 6 sessions total | $1,500 value

  • 6 MONTHLY OPEN OFFICE HOURS -  One more way we support you in simplifying and scaling your business is via open office hours with Jessica each month. Leverage it as a co-working focus block, or get interactive feedback and support on your scalable signature offer, strategic plans, next strategic hire, and big bold business moves. 6 sessions total | $1,500 value


We help you build sustainable success where you don't have to give up your freedom or fulfillment to scale your business by leveraging the Lean Out Method system and the:
  • PASSION, PROFIT, VALUE FRAMEWORK - This proprietary framework will help you build true sustainable success in your business leveraging our proprietary PPPV framework which helps you dramatically increase productivity, profitability, passion, and value. $500 value

  • RICH FULFILLED LIFE FRAMEWORK - We help you build your entire ecosystem for sustainable success, looking holistically across your business and your life.  Because the reality is that as entrepreneurs, there is often less separation between the 2 than we might like. Our RFL framework helps you determine what's most important to you in both business and in life and align your business model to your next level so you can scale your business without having to give up your personal life to do it. $500 value


We know how much connection with other high achieving entrepreneurs can help accelerate your results so we also provide:
  • 24x7 PRIVATE COMMUNITY - When a group of committed trail blazers, dream chasers and magic makers come together to support one another, anything is possible. You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate, ask questions, share your wins, and provide support while you build relationships that can last a lifetime. 6 months access | $1,000 value


  • $25K CHALLENGE QUICK START - How does making back 5X your investment in the Accelerator sound? Our goal is always for you to 5-10x your investment in the Accelerator so we kick things off with our signature 5X Challenge where we map out how you can make an additional $25k (or more) in revenue during your time in the Accelerator. Best of all, you can go on to leverage these timeless strategies to generate additional revenue anytime in your business. $25,000 value

  • 1-DAY SIGNATURE FRAMEWORK VIRTUAL RETREAT - We will come together for a 1-day virtual retreat to systematize your signature method and map out your repeatable process, predictable results, and brand assets that will make it easy to communicate what you do, how you do it, and the results your target market can expect. This is an advanced hands on workshop that will help you significantly increase your new client conversion rate plus increase the value of your business. $1,500 value

  • LEAN DREAM TEAM SYSTEM - You need a rockstar team in order to have true time freedom and a sustainable business model.  We help you build that team.  Whether you are just getting started with hiring, or you have a seasoned team, the Lean Dream Team system will help you with finding, hiring, onboarding, managing, upleveling, and scaling your team. Includes job descriptions, hiring plans, done-for-you templates and SOPs, and so much more than you can use as a jumping off point and adapt to your specific business needs. We also provide feedback and support on building your lean dream team via the accountability calls and monthly Q&As.  6 months access | $2,000 value 

  • PRIVATE 6-MONTH REVIEW - 6 months into the Accelerator you will have a review with your Accountability Coach to reflect on your results and map out what comes next so you get the absolute best results from your time inside S2S. $500 value

  • SUCCESS SWAG BAG - You will receive our success swag bag complete with our Dream Chaser + Magic Maker Tote, Criscara Jewelry, and a hard copy 90-Day Lean Out Planner to keep you focused on making your big bold goals a reality. You'll have all the tools you need to build sustainable success both online and offline (and look and feel fantastic doing it!). $250 value


The S2S Business Accelerator Delivers Measurable Results

The Accelerator helps you build true sustainable success in business leveraging our proprietary PPPV framework which helps you dramatically increase productivity, profitability, passion, and value. 

Lean Out Method PPPV Matrix

PPPV Framework

P: Increase Your Productivity 

Let's achieve your goals and do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. What will you do with the extra 10 hours you get back in your week?  Spend it on profit-producing activities, or allocate it to some much needed self-care?

P: Increase Your Profitability 

We'll teach you how to optimize and streamline your offers for maximum profitability and reliable revenue to the tune of 5-10x your investment in the Accelerator. 

Goodbye revenue rollercoaster!

P: Increase Your Passion and Alignment 

Say goodbye to the mind numbing activities that drain you instead of fuel you. We'll dive into how to systematize and automate everything you can and grow or build your team to delegate to so you can exclusively do your genius work and fall back in love with your business again.

It's time to step into Visionary Leadership!

V: Increase Your Value and Impact 

The most successful businesses are customer-centric, and provide exceptional value and results. We teach you how to enhance both to stand out above everyone else in your industry, increase your impact, and build your influence with loyal super fans who become your biggest advocates and grow your business for you. 

It's all about sustainable success.

Crista Grasso is the go-to strategic planning expert for leading global businesses and online entrepreneurs when they want to scale

These are a just a few of the businesses Crista has worked with

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Meet Crista, Your Strategic Advisor

Crista Grasso is an international lean business consultant to Fortune 50 businesses, a business coach and advisor to 6 and 7+ figure entrepreneurs, and a global accessory brand founder. 

She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify success, get off the hustle hamster wheel, and build a sustainable and wildly profitable business that doesn't require them to work 24x7. 

Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista can quickly cut through the noise and identify the core things that will accelerate growing and scaling your business.

Meet Jessica, Your Accountability Coach

Jessica Maine is an advocate for individuality, expression, and social consciousness. She has spent her career equipping other professionals with personal and business development through strategy, community leadership, and education. She has a passion for helping people achieve their goals.

Jessica is your dedicated Accountability Coach inside the S2S Accelerator.

No Fluff. Real Results.

Our goal is to help you simplify, and accelerate your results.

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Simplify to Scale

$1,800 $1,250 per month

  • Monthly Simplify to Scale Workshops
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching
  • Monthly Open Office Hours
  • Twice-Monthly Q&A Calls 
  • Complete Lean Out Method System
  • Complete Scalable Signature Offer System and Incubator 
  • 24x7 Private Community
  • BONUS: Success Swag Bag
  • BONUS: 1 Day Virtual Retreat
  • BONUS: Lean Dream Team System
  • BONUS: Private 6 Month Review with Jessica

Simplify to Scale VIP

$2,800 $2,000 per month


Everything in the core Simplify to Scale Plus:

  • 6 Private Strategy Sessions with Crista 

Hear what one of the members of the S2S Accelerator had to say about her experience and business results.



The Accelerator is NOT For You If:

 You aren't willing or able to consistently show up and do the work (this is only for those who are ALL IN and fully committed to leveling up their business and themselves). 

 You are currently operating from a fear and scarcity mindset and not from a place of possibility (next level growth requires a next level mindset).

 You're brand new to business without prior business experience - when you are ready to GROW, SCALE and SYSTEMATIZE your business and your signature offer, there is no better way than through the S2S Accelerator.  


The Accelerator Is For You If:

 You want to scale your business and do so without working 24x7 and "hustling your way to success".  Say goodbye to the hustle hamster wheel.
 You’re tired of leaking time, money and energy, hiring (and firing) team members who don’t get your vision. 
 You want to surround yourself with other successful business owners at your level and beyond.
 You want real-deal proven frameworks and systems that can be adapted to your business - no cookie cutter solutions here!
 You are so ready to be more than a "CEO" - you want to become a true Visionary Leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What’s really wonderful and unique about this experience is that I’m also able to surround myself with other amazing and inspiring business owners who have unique perspectives and experiences and we’re all able to mastermind together, so not only do I get Crista’s brilliance and guidance, there’s also this great wealth of other information, support and help of other women business owners. So if you want to level up your business, Crista Grasso is absolutely the woman you want to work with."

- Jen Jedda, JJ Caprices