We blend strategy + operations to help you bring your big bold vision to life and scale a high impact + high profit business that you love!

It's Time to Simplify How You Scale Your Business - That's Our Specialty!

Lean Out Method is a Boutique Scaling Advisory Firm

We help coaches, consultants, online experts, and service providers navigate through the messy middle of scaling their business, leading their team, optimizing their time, and maximizing their impact and profitability.


Taking your business from multi-6 to multi-7 figures can feel like you are...

  • Drowning in complexity...

  • Managing so many moving parts it's hard to keep up...

  • Working way too much and doing too much yourself despite having a team...

  • Trapped in the day-to-day with far too much dependent on you... all the decisions, all the strategy, #allthethings...

  • Stuck in a business model that no longer feels aligned or scalable...

You may be questioning if you'll ever be able to focus on your genius work and confidently leave the implementation of your vision to your team...

Well, you can when you partner with the Lean Out Method!


Most businesses come to us at one of 3 pivotal stages along their scaling journey

Which best aligns with your current state?

Most businesses come to us at one of 3 pivotal stages along their scaling journey

Which best aligns with your current state?


You've experienced a period of rapid growth and things feel chaotic, complex, draining, and unsustainable - you want that to change


You've hit a $ ceiling you want to break through while proactively positioning your business for scalable and sustainable growth


You're ready for a big change and to reimagine and uplevel your current business model or launch your next business venture

Whichever stage you're at, we've got you!

As the trusted scaling partner for hundreds of business over these past 20+ years, ranging from Fortune 50 companies to online expert-based small businesses...

We'll help you blast past the messy middle and scale your business with simplicity and sustainability in mind and get results like these:
“I'm bringing in 17 times more revenue than before, onboarding new clients every month, and also hired to help me continue to scale even more." 


“I've had 90% of my clients renew into my high-end coaching program for another year! Crista helped me grow my team and implement simple systems that allow me to get my life back.”


"If you want to grow your business in a sustained systematic way, and not burn yourself out, we highly recommend Crista and Lean Out Method. We grew our revenue over 60%.


"We knew that there was a lot of growth ahead of us but we were having trouble getting there. If you want to save time, grow your team, build systems that work, and continue to work at a bigger level, that’s what you are going to get. We've already saved more than 10 hours a week, which is huge. That’s a day's worth of work so that I can focus on the things that I need to as the CEO of my company."

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We blend strategy + operations to help you bring your big bold vision to life and scale a high impact + high profit business that you love!

When you are ready to simplify and streamline your operations so you can scale while getting yourself out of the day-to-day of your business, here is how we can partner together to accelerate your results

Simplify to Scale Mentorship

What It Is: A tailored mentorship experience and collective for Visionaries, Change Makers, Trail Blazers, and Disrupters who are ready to turn day-to-day operations over to their team so they can step into their genius and legacy work 

What Results You Get: CEO autonomy and time freedom and scalable and sustainable business success (say goodbye to overworking, being stuck putting out fires, and having everything dependent on you)

Who It's For: CEOs of multi-6 to multi-7 figure coaching, consulting, expert-based, and service-based businesses


Uplevel: 1:1 Private Advisory with Crista

What It Is: 1-on-1 strategic advisory with Crista Grasso that blends coaching, consulting, advisory, and access to resources and tools to uplevel your business and your leadership

What Results You Get: Clarity. Focus. Accelerated Results. Because the best way to accelerate stepping into the next level of your big bold vision is often with a trusted partner by your side who is just as committed to your vision as you are.

Who It's For: CEOs / Founders of established online businesses and start-ups who want a strategic partner to strategize and support their next level


Hi, I'm Crista Grasso, a Business Strategist, Founder of the Lean Out Method®, and creator of the Simplify to Scale Framework™.

I have spent more than 2 decades helping businesses scale in simple and sustainable ways and adopt lean and agile ways of working - from the largest Fortune 50 companies in the world, to coaches, consultants, and online experts like you. 

Today, I specialize in working with service-based businesses to implement a complete ecosystem for scaling success that allows the business owner to elevate their focus to thought leadership and legacy work instead of having to constantly put out fires and feel stuck in the day to day. 

Pulling from my unique blend of creativity / strategy and systems / structure, I love to help Visionary CEOs and their teams to quickly cut through noise, complexity, and idea overload to identify simple and aligned solutions to achieve their big bold vision and goals.

You want to be able to say:

"I run a lean eff-ing business."

Eff-ing = efficient, of course ;)

Where are you leaving time and money on the table?

Most businesses waste hundreds of hours per month and are doing things that unintentionally eat their profit margin. 

It's time to stop wasting precious time, money, and energy as you scale your business.

Get the Guide on the Top 10 Areas of Waste in a Coaching, Consulting, or Service Based Business

If you have ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in the day or more profit in your business...

Download the free guide to uncover the top areas of waste in your business that are causing you to leave massive amounts of time and money on the table and making it difficult to scale sustainably.




A show dedicated to getting you more time back in your day and more profit in your business, while doing business differently and simplifying and scaling your business on YOUR terms.


Discover how simple, sustainable, and scalable your business is 

We designed our free sustainable scaling assessment for coaches, consultants, and service based business owners to discover how to get more time back in their week while increasing profitability and impact.


Our Mission

To help business owners build sustainable and scalable success so they can make their big bold vision a reality in a way that allows them to live a Rich Fulfilled Life™ they love while leading a high-impact + high-profit business