The Lean Out Method™ is based on the fundamental belief that success in business isn’t about working harder, doing more, or having to feel like you are hustling every damn day.

  • It’s about working SMARTER.

  • Being INTENTIONAL with your time.

  • Understanding your highest PRIORITIES.

  • Doing LESS things, but BETTER.

  • OPTIMIZING everything you choose to do.

  • Staying FOCUSED and keeping things SIMPLE.

  • Delivering VALUE by finishing things instead of just being busy.

  • And, creating SPACE for what matters most to you.
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Lean Out Method Top 10 Values

These are the values that the Lean Out Method team lives by.

  1. SELF DEVELOPMENT:  We are lifelong learners, obsessively committed to being the best versions of ourselves as humans, leaders, coaches, consultants, and team members.

  2. EXPERIMENTATION & INNOVATION: We have a spirit of curiosity and never let fear stop us from taking risks or making mistakes. We are always experimenting, innovating, and systematically trying new things. We believe that the only true failure is not trying.

  3. INSPIRED GROWTH: We are growth focused but let inspiration drive us so we grow in a way that feels true to the brand and our vision and never because it feels like something we’re “supposed to” be doing.  We unapologetically say no to anything not in alignment, both for ourselves and the business.

  4. INTEGRITY & AUTHENTICITY: We keep it real, keep it LOM, and walk our talk.  We live and share what we believe, and model the way for others to do the same. We place honesty and transparency above all else and are open and truthful even when it’s uncomfortable.  We always do what's right, not what's easy.

  5. SUSTAINABILITY: We aren't in it for the quick win.  We're here for sustainable success.  We value and prioritize self care, and make decisions that generate lasting results, for our clients, ourselves, and the business.

  6. DIVERSITY & OPENNESS: Our differences make us stronger.  We are open to and inclusive of different perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs. 

  7. OUTCOMES OVER ACTIONS: We know that things aren’t done when the box is checked on our to-do list; it’s all about when the outcome is achieved and the results meet or exceed all expectations.  We focus on the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ ensure everything we do is directionally aligned with our vision and values, and take personal accountability for the outcomes.

  8. POSSIBILITY: We believe that anything is possible if you are creative, committed, and resourceful enough. We don't ask 'if' something is possible, we ask 'how we can make it happen' and don't stop until we find a way.  

  9. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS: We spend as much of our time as possible doing what we are uniquely skilled to do. We aren't afraid to share when something doesn't align to our zone of genius or ask for more opportunities that do, so we can always do our best work. 

  10. SIMPLICITY & LEAN: We always look for the simplest most repeatable solution and avoid over-complicating and over-architecting.  We keep it lean and do less, but better.  We stay clear on what’s adding the most value and optimize the shit out of it. We consistently eliminate everything else so we can stay laser focused on what matters most.


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