Say goodbye to overly-complex, resource-intensive, and outdated approaches to scaling your business when you implement the Lean Business Scaling System™.

There is a lot of focus on operating systems for businesses that want to scale to multiple 7 and 8 figures, but what your coaching, consulting, or online service-based business really needs is a scaling system.

And you need a scaling system that is adaptive and designed to support the unique needs of a small business where things are ever-changing and new ideas are ever-flowing, not one that is rigid and rooted in centuries old practices that don't fit today's modern digital business.


A scaling system includes operations but it extends far beyond that and is a complete ecosystem for scaling success that looks at both the backend and the frontend of the business, because you need both to scale sustainably.

If you focus exclusively on marketing and sales and frontend activities, you work yourself into the ground trying to keep up with all the new demand - it's far from simple and definitely not sustainable. 

And if you just focus on the backend, you stop growing.

The Lean Business Scaling System™ is comprised of the 9 interconnected frontend and backend engines that your business needs to reduce unnecessary complexity and accelerate scaling.

Hi, I'm Crista and I am on a mission to help established businesses simplify success and scale without the endless hustle so they can enjoy the success they worked so hard to achieve. 

I developed the Lean Out Method® and Lean Business Scaling System™ to show you how.
I have spent the past 2+ decades helping some of the largest and most successful companies in the world transform the way they work and plan, the way they hire and manage teams, and the way they build and scale their products and services. 

They were able to evolve from a rigid and old school business approach to a modern lean and agile model.

And yet small businesses and entrepreneurs are still following the very masculine, overly complicated, and antiquated models that originated in huge corporations many decades ago... and they don't even realize it.

It's time to do business differently and scale in a lean way that fits what your business needs without all the unnecessary complexity. 

It's time to be able to say:

"I run a lean eff-ing business."

Eff-ing = efficient, of course ;)

But not the overly restrictive, sucks the enjoyment out of a business kind of lean.

We believe in lean + luxe.

↓ Less of the things that drain you and don't add value to your clients or profit to your business #leanout

↑ More of the things that fuel you and enable you to make the impact and leave the legacy you are here to make #alignedaf

Our Lean Business Scaling System is designed exclusively for businesses who want to scale in simple and sustainable ways. 

It includes the 9 interconnected engines that must be running simultaneously to propel your business forward. 
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Fulfillment Engine

Business success is about more than just business - it's about creating a true rich fulfilled life where you enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 

Our Rich Fulfilled Life framework helps you build an entire ecosystem for sustainable success, looking holistically across your business and your life so you can scale your business without having to give up your personal life to do so.

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Achievement Engine

Strategic planning is the backbone of consistently and effectively achieving your goals and revenue targets in your business, but most planning systems are far too complex, time intensive, and restrictive for a dynamic small business.

Lean Strategic Planning  is a lightweight, adaptive, and highly effective way to connect strategy to execution so you can achieve your big bold vision and goals without overworking.

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Productivity Engine

Once you have confidence you are focused on the right things at the right time, you want to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Our Productivity Powerhouse system gives you advanced tools and techniques that will 10X you and your team's productivity so you are multiplying your time. You will get the most important things finished faster instead of just being busy enabling you to accelerate scaling. 

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Visibility Engine

Your business needs a steady flow of qualified leads, a way to convert them, and a way to close consistently.  It sounds simple, and it can be, but simple does not mean easy and finding the right conversion engine for your business can feel overwhelming. 

The Leveraged Marketing system shows you how to close the gaps is your current marketing and sales system and how to optimize what you're already doing for a massive shift in results. 

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Conversion Engine

The simplest way to scale is with a customer-journey-aligned offer suite that is a blend of simple, streamlined, and irresistible.

The Elevated Offer Suite system helps you fill the gaps in your offer suite and optimize the packaging, pricing, and positioning of your offers considering where you want to differentiate in the market. It ensures a highly effective conversion event, whether launching live, evergreen, or hybrid.

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Delivery Engine

The most successful businesses are customer-centric and provide exceptional value and results at every step along the customer journey. 

The Luxe Client Experience system shows you how to create transformational results and an exceptional experience for your clients, helping you increase your impact, stand out from your competitors, and turn clients into your biggest advocates who grow your business for you. 

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Sustainability Engine 

You need a rockstar team in order to have true time freedom and a sustainable and scalable business model.  There is an art and science to building high performing teams who are just as passionate about your business and vision as you are.

The Lean Dream Team system includes proprietary and simple approaches to expand and uplevel your team so you can delegate with confidence and trust in your team to move your vision forward. 

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Simplicity Engine

Implementing a business operating system is foundational to developing a scalable business and we created the Lean Business Operating System (LBOS) with the unique needs of a small business in mind. 

It helps you define the aligned business and operating models that will enable you to scale sustainably and build out an ecosystem for success including defining your strategic systems for scale and playbooks that set your team up for success.  

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Improvement Engine 

Businesses that thrive focus on continuous improvement and make data driven decisions. 

They adopt a Kaizen Culture and implement Meaningful Metrics and review cadences so they have access to the quantitative and qualitative data needed to make key business decisions quickly and amplify results across all facets of the business. 


There are 3 implementation options including done with you and done for you.  Schedule a call to determine the best option for your business.


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Consider us your strategic partner who helps you accelerate bringing your big bold vision and goals to life.

We make it as simple as possible to successfully and sustainably scale your business.


When you want to scale in a simple and sustainable way, it takes the right combination of strategy, planning, systems, and team. 

You can no longer keep everything in your head and either do it all yourself or be the one who has to make all the decisions in order for things to get done well.

What if you could:

  • Sustainably scale your coaching, consulting, or service-based business to multi-7+ figures in a simple and aligned way without the constant hustle, overwork, and overwhelm

  • Eliminate unnecessary complexity and build a business that runs itself through simple systems and a rockstar team so you can step into your next level of visionary leadership and dramatically increase your impact and profitability

  • Finally get to enjoy the success you worked so hard to achieve and be able to check out and enjoy your time off and vacations without that sense of panic that things will fall apart without you (and without constant messages from your clients and team)

  • Spend your time doing work you love, with people you love to work with, focused on the things that fuel you instead of drain you

  • Deliver an exceptional experience and transformational results for your clients in a scalable way that isn't so fully dependent on you

  • Build a high-performing and self-led dream team fully committed to your vision and success

  • Have confidence you are working on the right things right now in the most efficient and effective way possible to accelerate making your big bold vision and goals a reality

When you implement the Lean Business Scaling System™ you can, plus so much more!


The backbone of every system is based on the 4 pillars of the Lean Out Method® - Context, Clarity, Commitment, and Kaizen. 

No matter what you're doing in business, it is always important to:

Get clear on where you are going and why it’s important (Context)

Identify what strategies and plan you will follow to achieve your goals and targets (Clarity)

Understand and commit to what it will take to be successful from both an accountability and mindset perspective (Commitment)

Have a means of regular reflection and insight so you can continuously improve and adapt for better results (Kaizen)

"As an entrepreneur and screenwriter, I’ve been doing this work for over a decade and it’s been so amazing... to learn how to optimize my business and lean it out. I had absolutely no idea how complicated I made my business, how I wasn’t using certain resources effectively, how much time I was spending on activities and things that really weren’t lending themselves well to my bottom line.

I know that my business will be even more profitable, and I know that I will be able to spend less time IN my business and more time ON my business."

- Melissa Cassera, Entrepreneur and Screenwriter

No Fluff. Real Results.

Our goal is to help you simplify, and accelerate scaling your business.