Say Hello To Your New Rockstar Team

Why go through the process to interview, hire, onboard, train, and lead a new team member when you can have the Lean Out Method team step seamlessly into your business to take your marketing and operations leadership off your plate? 

This is a great solution when:
  • You are struggling to find the right-fit person for your team
  • You don‚Äôt want to or have the time to invest into another team member long-term
  • Your current team is at the edge of their capacity and skillset
  • You know you need a C-Level player on your team and aren't yet ready for a full-time COO and CMO

When you partner with Lean Out Method, not only do we get things DONE for you, but we’ll even train up your existing team in the process so they can sustain what we develop for you.


We are seasoned experts at implementing simple solutions that help you scale. 

We offer 2 core done-for-you scaling packages focused on back-end business operations and front-end marketing operations. 

We recommend that most businesses do both packages - we'll help you understand which will have the biggest impact to start with. 


In the business operations scaling package, we focus on ensuring a foundation for scale including your lean dream team, your lean business systems, and your framework to connect your vision to the day-to-day activities in your business. 


In the marketing operations scaling package, we focus on scalable growth, including your scalable business model and offer suite, your end-to-end marketing and sales engine, and your buyer journey and client experience. 


Just need something specific?

We also offer a la carte services that blend strategy + implementation spanning back-end operations and front-end marketing and sales.


Whether you want us to develop a strategy your team can implement, or you want Lean Out Method to handle the implementation for you, consider us your go-to partner for scaling and simplification, including:

  • Business Model and¬†Scalable Offer Suite Strategy and Creation:¬† We'll (re)imagine, streamline, and uplevel your business model to align with your next level¬†vision; whether you have too many offers that need to be reimagined and streamlined or you know you have gaps and are leaving money on the table, we'll look at your customer journey and define a cohesive and scalable offer suite and supporting business model

  • Lean Dream Team and Operating¬†Model Strategy and Creation:¬†We'll capture your current state systems and team and get clear on your next strategic hires, systems, tools, and partners for growth plus¬†create¬†your¬†strategic hiring plan with job descriptions, and roles and accountabilities

  • Live Event and Retreat Experience Strategy and Planning: There is an art and science to leading intimate and luxe live events and retreats and we help you make yours unforgettable with a luxe client experience

  • Lean Strategic Planning Facilitation and Implementation:¬†We'll lead your annual, 90-day, and monthly lean strategic planning, including marketing and content planning; this can include facilitation only or also training and leading your team

  • PM¬†Tool Set Up and Advanced Build Outs:¬†Project and Work Management System Build Out, Custom Workflows and Solutions, Automations, and Training for Your Team

  • Strategic Systems and Processes Creation:¬†Through a series of system extraction workshops, we'll identify and create¬†your strategic systems and workflows that define how you effectively and profitably market, sell, deliver, and scale your products and services

  • Business Playbook Creation:¬†We'll create your Company Playbook / Handbook for success that can be used to onboard new team members and provide them with a success kit for key roles within your company

  • Operational Efficiency Strategy and Implementation: We'll identify and eliminate waste in your business and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations

A la carte done for you services start at $5000 per month with a 2 month minimum.

Due to the high touch and integrated nature of our work together, we only take on a small number of clients at one time.  Book a call below to secure your spot.

Ready to get started? Questions on which services are the best fit for you right now? 

Schedule a call with Annie to get started.


Meet The Lean Out Method Team

If you are looking for an administrative level team, we are not the right fit. However...

If you are looking to bring in a team of highly skilled experts who know how to blend strategy with implementation to bring your big bold vision to life, you're in the right place.

We each have decades of experience building, growing, and scaling businesses like yours.  

Collectively, we have built dozens of companies, been a trusted advisor and consultant to Fortune 10 companies, and worked with some of the most successful coaches, consultants, and small businesses. 

Crista Grasso

Crista is the Founder and CEO of Lean Out Method, a business scaling strategist, and lean and agile expert with more than 2 decades of experience working with small businesses and large Fortune 50 multi-billion dollar companies.¬† She is the creator of the Lean Business Scaling System‚ĄĘ which she designed specifically for small businesses who want to scale to multiple 7 and 8 figures in simple and sustainable ways.

Annie P. Ruggles

Annie is a marketing and sales coach who has guided hundreds of businesses towards high-converting marketing strategies and non-sleazy sales techniques that feel in alignment for their brand and lead to deeper connections, lasting impressions and more lucrative results. Her expertise is in non-sleazy sales, marketing strategy and optimization, podcasting for growth, and LinkedIn.

We are seasoned and successful serial entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, and can help you through any challenge you are experiencing as you simplify and scale your business. 

Not Sure You're Ready for Done For You Services Yet But Know You Want to Simplify and Scale?

Explore Ops Academy where you'll learn how to implement the strategy, planning, systems, and team that will enable you to accelerate making your big bold vision and goals a reality and fully step into your rich fulfilled life!  You get access to: