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Why Your Business Needs a Lean Dream Team System In Order To Scale

You need a rockstar team in order to have true time freedom and a sustainable and scalable business model.  There is an art and science to building high performing and self led teams who are just as passionate about your business and vision as you are. The Lean Dream Team System helps you build out that team. 

Whether you are just getting started with hiring, or you have a seasoned team, the Lean Dream Team system will help you with finding, hiring, onboarding, managing, upleveling, and scaling your team.

Includes job descriptions, hiring plans, done-for-you templates and SOPs, and so much more than you can use as a jumping off point and adapt to your specific business needs.


So much of what you've been taught about teams is not a good fit for small businesses.

If you've struggled to find (and keep) the right people, feel like your team is eating up all of your profits, and often wonder if it would take you less time and headache to just go back to doing everything yourself, there is a better way. 

There is a lean and simple way to build out your dream team of devoted rock stars fully committed to your vision.

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso and over the past 2 decades, I have helped numerous companies modernize and transform the way they hire, develop, lead, and approach teams.
I personally have built and led small teams and large matrixed teams. The one thing they all had in common is that they were self-led and high-performing teams aligned around a common vision and clear goals, enabling me to be the visionary leader and not be stuck in the day-to-day. 
The Lean Dream Team System shows you how to do the same.
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Here's a sneak peek into what we include in our Lean Dream Team System 

  • Developing Your Strategic Hiring Plan:
    • Hiring Mistakes to Avoid
    • Who to Hire When - Your Strategic Hiring Plan
    • Leveraging the IT-E Hiring Framework
  • Hiring Your Lean Dream Team:
    • Creating a Hiring Plan 
    • Hiring Job Descriptions 
    • Hiring Application Forms 
    • Hiring Offer Letters
  • Interviewing and Selecting Your Team:
    • Interview Questions
    • Sample Assignments
    • Use of Personality Tests
  • Onboarding Your Lean Dream Team:
    • Creating an Onboarding Plan
    • Setting Clear Boundaries from Day One
    • First 1, 7, 30, 60, and 90 Day Activities
    • First 30, 60, and 90 Day Reviews
  • Managing Your Lean Dream Team:
    • Managing Performance
    • Stepping into Visionary Leadership
    • The Art of GSD Without Micro-Managing
    • Sharing Effective Feedback
    • Creating Valuable Team Meetings
    • Providing Growth Opportunities
  • Offboarding Your Lean Dream Team:
    • Creating an Offboarding Plan
    • Terminating an Employee or Contractor
  • Creating High-Performing Self-Led Teams:
    • The Secret to Self-Led Teams
    • Aligning to Zone of Genius and Strengths
    • Creating a High-Performance Ecosystem for Team Success
  • Team and Individual Performance Measures and KPIs:
    • Company vs. Team vs. Individual Targets and KPIs

Plus adaptable templates, examples, SOPs, calculators, and forms to fast track the hiring and upleveling process for your lean dream team

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The backbone of every system is based on the 4 pillars of the Lean Out Method - Context, Clarity, Commitment, and Kaizen

Here are the business questions that the Lean Dream Team System answers:

  • Context:
    • What roles are needed to help the company achieve its vision and goals? 
    • Which roles are important now and which will be important in the future as the business scales up?
    • What soft skills are important to finding right-fit people?
  • Clarity:
    • Who fills each role today and where are there gaps? Where does 1 individual fill multiple roles?
    • What are the details for each position - title, pay, needs, job description, hiring strategy and plan?
  • Commitment:
    • What will it take to perform the role well - mindset, attitude, and skill?
    • What training and ongoing support does the person in the role need to be successful and who needs to commit to provide it?
  • Kaizen:
    • What are the KPIs and measures of success for each person individually? 
    • What are the KPIs and measures of success for the team collectively?  
    • How do you assess if you have the right people in the right roles?
"Working with Crista, I witnessed how devoted her team was, and I found myself lusting after that kind of dedication. Even her independent contractors were so passionate about her vision and mission, and it was so inspiring to watch Crista step into full visionary leadership while her team seamlessly managed everything behind-the-scenes."

- Melissa Cassera, Entrepreneur and Screenwriter

Imagine This...

  • You look at your calendar for the week and it is filled with the things you love to do most and that align to your zone of genius – you can’t wait to dive in and get to work!

  • You consistently create space for innovation and strategy – and know that the most important things will get done, and get done well - and best of all, they will get done without you having to be involved

  • When your work day ends, you turn your computer off… and don’t think about (or check in on) your business again until the next day

  • You head out for a 3-week vacation and get to be fully present without that sense of panic that things will fall apart in your business without you (and without constant messages from your clients and team)

Building out your lean dream team is what enables you to scale sustainably and gives you the space to consistently work ON your business.

The Lean Dream Team System is one of 9 interconnected engines that comprise the Lean Business Scaling System.

Interested in implementing the Lean Business Scaling System and building out your Lean Dream Team?