E138: Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing for Peak Performance with Sacred Walker

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As a business owner, how can you cultivate a mindset geared toward achieving peak performance?

Peak performance isn't solely about our strength, determination, perseverance, and resilience. It also encompasses our well-being. 

This notion is particularly relevant for business owners who often become ensnared in a culture that emphasizes relentless hustle and attaining success at any cost. 

On this week's episode of the of the #LOYBPodcast, Crista is joined by Sacred Walker, @asksacred where she shares insights on peak performance and well-being.

Immigrating from Kingston, Jamaica, using the resiliency from her painful past as her superpower, Sacred specializes in “Love Medicine Coaching,” a proprietary method of holistic coaching that supports visionaries and executives working in high-stress work environments.

If you have been overlooking your own happiness, personal fulfillment, and optimal functioning, join them as they discuss:


🔹Why "peak performance" is important as the visionary and leader of your business

🔹What frequently gets in the way of peak performance?

🔹What role does self-love and self-care play in performing at your best

🔹How can Love Medicine Coaching can support you in a high stress environment


“Let's make sure that our mind, body, spirit are sustained so that our true peak performance can support our vision for the long haul. Because we're here to build a legacy, not burn out in the process." -Sacred Walker

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