E146: Combining Strategy with the Stars for Business Success with Kim Woods

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How can ancient feminine wisdom and astrology help in business growth and success? Can astrology be used to predict market trends and investment opportunities? And how can an entrepreneur utilize it to make strategic business decisions?

According to astrological beliefs, certain planetary and stars alignments can influence a person’s career path, business acumen, and financial prospects. By studying these factors, we can have guidance in maximizing our chances of success in business ventures. And by integrating these ancient wisdom traditions with modern business strategies, entrepreneurs can gain a holistic view of their ventures, enhancing their chances of sustainable growth and success.

Today, I am so excited to interview Kim Woods as we dive into intuition, collaboration, and strategic alignment with cosmic energies to create a successful and fulfilling business journey.  Kim is the creator of the Living Your Star Potential Divination System, and it combines ancient feminine wisdom, astrology and her 25 plus years of C suite experience. She uses this to clear the pathway to your success, so you can become rich and powerful, make a big impact and leave your legacy.

“I hire the right people and I follow the stars.” – Kim Woods

In this episode we explore:

  • The importance of integrating astrology into daily life and business strategies
  • How astrology can provide insights into economic trends, including uptrends, downtrends, and their impact on consumers and industries
  • The significance of having forecasts and insights to plan ahead
  • Adapting to the energy of the stars and being open to collaboration
  • The importance of self-awareness and making choices that align with one's intuition and desires.

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