E160: Creating Change One Business at a Time with Jessica Sato

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What are some micro shifts and practical steps that businesses can take to infuse greater impact? How does the concept of "CEO time" and regular reflection help business leaders stay focused on their mission-driven goals, and what specific benefits can it bring?

In this episode, I have the pleasure to be joined by Jessica Sato, a successful entrepreneur and business coach, known for her expertise in leveraging business as a vehicle for change and impact. Together, we delve into the intersection of impact and entrepreneurship, sharing our experiences and strategies for infusing purpose into business operations. From partnering with impactful organizations to aligning with a strong mission, we discuss the essential steps for making a meaningful difference through business endeavors.

Jessica Sato is passionate about helping women globally use their unique skills, expertise, and voice to create opportunities for themselves and others. With years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience under her belt, she equips and empowers female founders to incorporate purpose and impact into their business strategy, bring it to life through robust execution planning, and use their big
idea and thought leadership as their competitive advantage.

We dive into how to infuse your mission into your messaging and how to leverage small shifts in your business practices to have a big impact, including: 

  • How to make your business a force for good
  • Finding the right balance between earning money and making a difference
  • Using your business to create positive change in the world
  • How to leverage TEDx speaking to expand your message and impact 

"Infuse your passion and mission into your messaging to build transparency and trust with your audience."

- Jessica Sato






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