E134: How to Provide Tailored Yet Scalable Experiences with Jessica Marx

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Does your business rely too much on your leadership for the day-to-day?

As a business owner, the greatest asset to possess is a scalable business that is not dependent on YOU.

Building a sustainable and simple business model from the start can lead you to personal freedom and financial success.

So how can you build a scalable business model that allows you to provide a tailored and high impact service for your clients?

That's what we're discussing on this week's episode of the of the #LOYBPodcast, where I am thrilled to be joined by Jessica Marx.

Jessica was recently named the Top Female Coach by Yahoo! Finance. She is a powerhouse with over a decade of sales, executive leadership and business experience, as well as the Founder of Tailored Premier, a premier business strategy firm.

If you have been considering how you can scale without losing the high-touch and transformational impact of your work with clients, you'll love this episode where we discuss:

🔹The most important financial considerations for entrepreneurs

🔹How to avoid the trap of being the “expert-on-everything”

🔹How to build the right team that allows you to focus on being CEO

🔹The most important things to prioritize for sustainable growth

🔹How to provide a tailored experience for your clients that scales


“Always build the business around your personal life, not your personal life around the business. And then put together a plan in place that you'll actually be able to execute on.” – Jessica Marx

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