E178: Becoming a Disruptor to Increase Sales with Jennifer Frye

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How do you define a "disruptor," and how does this definition resonate with your understanding or experience in your industry? What are some reasons a business owner might resist the idea of being a disruptor? How can they overcome this resistance?

In this engaging episode of the Lean Out Your Business podcast, I welcomes Jennifer Frye, CEO of Appreciated Asset Business Solutions and creator of the disruptor designer method. Jennifer shares her unique approach to business growth, highlighting the importance of becoming a disruptor in your industry. Through her compelling insights, she explains how standing out from the status quo can eliminate competition and foster long-term client relationships by delivering a superior and unique service.

Together, we delve deep into sales strategies, emphasizing the power of education over traditional sales methods. Jennifer reveals her approach to creating meaningful connections and understanding client needs, which has allowed her to foster genuine relationships and maintain high conversion rates. We discuss common mistakes businesses make with their messaging and positioning, and how to avoid them by focusing on benefits rather than features.


In this episode, we explore:

  • Definition and Importance of Being a Disruptor
  • Qualities and Mindset of a Disruptor
  • Challenges in Recognizing and Embracing Disruption
  • Application of Disruptive Strategies in Business
  • Benefits of Disruption in Sales
  • Practical Tips for Business Owners



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