E166: Embracing Conscious Leadership with Dom Farnan

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How do you define conscious leadership and why is it important in a business? How can business leaders cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness and grace within themselves in order to become conscious leaders?

In this episode of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast, I sit down with Dom Farnan, a fearless leader in high-growth settings who brings radical change to the talent industry through mindfulness and conscious leadership. For over twenty years, Dom Farnan has been blending entrepreneurship and advocacy in each of her roles. Whether she’s recruiting talent for titans like Snapchat and Instacart or injecting joy into team meetings through sound and dance, the first thing people notice about Dom is the profound intentionality behind her actions. 

She dives deep into the concept of conscious leadership and emphasizes the importance of personal accountability, authenticity, and creating a healthy thriving company from the inside out. Dom's thought-provoking advice encourages leaders to focus on themselves, be mindful of their actions, and trust the process of personal and professional growth. This episode invites entrepreneurs and business leaders to reflect on their own leadership style and consider the ripple effects that conscious leadership can have on their teams and overall company culture!


In this episode, we explore:

  • Conscious Leadership in the Workplace
  • Cultivating a Healthy, Thriving Business from Within
  • The Impact of Conscious Leadership on Team Culture and Relationships
  • Tips for Maintaining Business Efficiency and Conscious Leadership
  • How your Personal Growth is Impacting your Business


"Conscious leadership is about taking responsibility and becoming the type of leader you're proud to see in the mirror."

- Dom Farnan,



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