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Stop Starting. Start Finishing.

lean tips Jul 10, 2020

If your week looks anything like most other business owners, it probably goes something like this:

  • You have the best of intentions to get all the things done you have on your priority list
  • You start something, move on to something else, then something else - because there's so much to do and so many interruptions and unexpected things that come up!
  • Before you know it, the week is...
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How to Avoid Decision Fatigue in Your Business

Have you ever found yourself postponing decision making over and over? 

You may be experiencing decision fatigue, something many business owners experience throughout their business journey. Decision fatigue happens when you're forced to make too many decisions over a fixed period of time. 

As a business owner, you have so many micro decision that you need to make on a daily basis,...

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The Wellness Entrepreneur's Guide To Creating Systems For Your Business

I'm guessing you started your business to make an impact in people's lives.  At the time you probably weren't thinking about creating systems, right?  Maybe you still aren't thinking about creating systems. Well, what if I told you systems will help you better serve your clients, and take care of yourself and your own wellness in the process?

Setting up an optimized system for your...

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