Holiday Promotion Strategies for Service Based Businesses

lean out marketing Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to part 2 of our 2-part series on leaning out your offers and preparing your business for a profitable Q4 and 2021.  Part 1 focused on your offers and auditing your business. Today, we are going to dive into how to take your offers and leverage strategies for holiday promotions that work well for service based businesses that don't include discounting.

I run both product and...
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Lean Out Your Offers and Get Ready for the New Year

With Q4 and the new year right around the corner, it's time to Lean Out and optimize your offers - i.e. your products, programs, services, etc.
The Fall is a great time to take a close look at all of the offers you have in your business as well as do a general validation of everything you have "active" - from opt-in offers, to links and forms on your website, to social media...
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How to Identify and Eliminate Non-Essential Business Activities

Time is the most precious resource you have so it is very important that you are spending it on the right activities and that you are eliminating anything that isn't essential.

The most simple way to identify non-essentials is to do a quick assessment of the activities you do on a regular basis to determine:

  • Is it adding value? To your customers, your business, or both?
  • Is it (still) in...
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The Most Important Thing You Can Create In Your Business

As a creative, one of the most important things you can create is SPACE.

Because we love to create, and it is often our zone of genius, it fuels us, motivates us, keeps us inspired, we create, create, create. But that can also lead to too much.

Too much work, too much overwhelm, too much "stuff" - physical, digital, and mental.

Which eventually leads to losing our creative spark. When you find...

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Why Working Harder and Hustling is NOT the Answer

There is an obsession and romanticism with hustling and working harder and I call bullshit on it!

It isn’t about working harder, doing more, or having to feel like you are hustling every damn day.

It’s about working SMARTER.

Focusing on your highest PRIORITIES.

Doing less things but BETTER.


Keeping things SIMPLE.

Actually FINISHING something instead of just being...

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5S Your Workspace - How to Implement Lean Practices In Your Business

Time = money.  And I guarantee there is hidden time and money within your current business in the form of waste.

Also known as muda, waste is the killer of productivity and efficiency.  There are many forms of waste.   For this post, we are going to focus on wasted time, which in turn results in wasted money.

  • How much time do you and your team spend searching for...
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