How to Approach Strategic Planning in Different Cycles of Business

business strategies loyb podcast Jan 01, 2024

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the very first episode of 2024.

In this post, I delve into the crucial topic of planning for success in the new year. I discuss the varying approaches to planning, emphasizing the importance of aligning your planning style with the current stage of your business. Drawing from my own experience, I share insights into the significance of having a fluid and experimental approach, contrasted with the benefits of detailed planning.

In this episode, I also highlight the value of strategic planning, not just for the precision of knowing what to do when, but for the intentional act of thinking through what is important for achieving business goals while maintaining a rich and fulfilled life.

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Throughout this episode, you will gain insights by:

- Understanding the value of having the right ecosystem, the structures, and the right team in place to support us in our business when things come up or don’t go as planned

- Recognizing the cycles in business with variations in time of experimentation and times of intentional growth

- Tools and Workshops for Effective Planning

- Setting realistic revenue and profit targets for different quarters

- Ensuring you are using capacity-based planning and what that can look like for your business

Tune into Episode 157 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast or keep reading below.

Different  Business Cycles 

Having a strategic roadmap for the year is crucial, but the depth and precision of your plan might vary significantly.

However, before we begin to build this roadmap we need to acknowledge what cycle your business is in. 

There are two distinct cycles: extreme clarity and experimentation. The former calls for a detailed roadmap, while the latter thrives on adaptability and flexibility. Recognizing the cycle your business is in is crucial. Tailoring your planning process to fit this cycle sets you up for success without suffocating detail.

A cycle of extreme clarity can look like a meticulously detailed plan that ensures alignment and clarity for your team. In contrast, an experimental phase can look more adaptable in planning, allowing for adjustments based on outcomes. Note: this adaptability and flexibility is a crucial approach even during cycles of clarity.

The Role of Planning

I've always maintained that planning is the bridge between possibility and probability, especially during business scaling. Recognizing the nuances of your business's cycle allows for a balanced plan that combines strategic vision with the capacity to pivot as needed. It's not just about the specifics but strategically aligning your plan with your capacity to achieve desired objectives.

So, let's talk about Capacity...

Taking into consideration your realistic capacity to achieve the goals and objectives you set out for your business is a consideration I find to be frequently glazed over by many clients.

Optimal planning isn't solely about outlining specific actions. It's about curating a plan that strategically aligns with your business's (and your own!) capacity, enabling a realistic pursuit of your goals while considering the resources at hand.

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by Crista Grasso

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