What's Needed for Effective Business Strategy

What's Needed for Effective Business Strategy

loyb podcast Sep 27, 2022

Are you searching for different ways to achieve success in your business and turn your vision into reality?

Welcome to final part of our 4-part series on what it takes to sustainable scale your business. In parts 1-3, we dove deep into reviewing the strategy, planning, systems, and team that it takes for simple sustainable scaling!

In Episode 91 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast, we'll be pulling everything together and focusing on the strategy piece so that you can ensure that you're always working on the right things.

In this episode, I dive into:

  • The puzzle analogy for your business
  • Doing less to achieve more
  • Your business model vs. your operating model
  • Reimagine Retreat 


Tune into Episode 91 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast or keep reading below.


I love viewing my business like a giant puzzle.

I'm always trying to figure out the right pieces and the right things to pull together. In a puzzle, some pieces have edges and corners, while others are smaller interior pieces. 

If you take this concept and apply it to your business, envision the full picture of the vision you are trying to achieve. The strategy with which you bring that vision to life is represented by the individual pieces of your puzzle.

The edges/corners of the puzzle represent your business model and operating model - these consist of your overarching strategy and the foundation for scaling success.


If you're unfamiliar with business models and operating models, let me walk you through those really quickly..

Business Model

  • Who you serve and how you serve 
  • How you deliver that service
  • Your ideal target market
  • Your different offers 
  • How to reach your target market
  • What makes you stand out from your competitors 
  • How you generate venue 

Operating Model 

  • How you deliver value to your clients
  • What systems you need to develop
  • What tools/technology/automations support your business
  • Capabilities and key functions that are essential to your business' success 
  • External support (done-for-you services)


Now that we've covered the difference between both models, let take a look at those smaller, interior pieces of the puzzle. Those individual puzzle pieces represent the smaller strategies that come together within that outer frame in order to achieve your vision. 

Make sure that there are no bonus puzzle pieces that don't belong because you don't want to invest time into anything that doesn't fit or align with your business. That's where leaning out comes into play.

Your puzzle should be cut in as few pieces as possible - you want to do less things, better. 

When you have a ton of puzzle pieces, you end up spreading yourself too thin, settle for mediocrity, and take longer to achieve any results.

Strategies to implement so you can achieve your vision in a simple, streamlined way:

1. Define your business model and operating model. Reimagine both if you feel that aren't in alignment with your current vision.

2. Ensure that your operating model is intentional. This is usually done by hiring someone externally to support you. We offer done-for-you services to help business owners navigate this!

3. Use the puzzle analogy to lean out and get rid of all the extra stuff that you're doing 

4. Don't be afraid to change things up. Reimagining is the best way to get clear on which strategies are right for you and your target market.


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by Crista Grasso

Crista Grasso is the go-to strategic planning expert for leading global businesses and online entrepreneurs when they want to scale.  Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably. She specializes in helping businesses gain clarity on the most important things that will drive maximum value for their clients and maximum profits for their business.  She is the creator of the Lean Out Method, 90 Day Lean Out Planner, and host of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast


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