E182: Writing a Book to Unleash Your Impact with Amy Collette

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Why do you think sharing personal experiences can be so impactful for both the writer and the reader?

What are some strategies authors can use to make their book content timeless and continually engaging?

In this inspiring episode on the Lean Our Your Business podcast, I sit down with the incredible Amy Collette, a writing coach, Author, Speaker, and a crystal-clear voice for intentional change. She inspires audiences to make the kind of impact they desire by teaching them how to deeply connect through the power of story. Together, we dive deep into the significance of storytelling, highlighting its power to connect and resonate with others.

Amy emphasizes the importance of clarity and structure in the book-writing process and shares practical advice on creating outlines and understanding one's audience. Our conversation also sheds light on the myth of the instant success of a book and stresses the importance of continual engagement and promotion.

We dive into how to turn your book idea or already published book into a successful, impactful, and lasting piece of work, including:

- The key elements of writing a successful book
- How to keep your book in the spotlight long after it publishes
- Using various platforms to boost visibility
- Facing and overcoming fear and self-doubt
- Practical steps to start or finish writing your book today

Thinking about writing a book or already in the process? Tune into this episode for invaluable insights and practical advice from Amy Collette. Learn how to overcome your fear, gain clarity, and unleash your impact. Discover how to keep your book relevant and engage your audience effectively. Don’t miss out—your powerful story is waiting to make a difference!

“Whether you're telling a story or whether you're listening to a story, you're having a shared experience.”

-   Amy Collette



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