E49 The Art of Everyday Negotiation Without Manipulation with Susie Tomenchok

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When was the last negotiation you made?

Was it something as simple as resisting the urge to hit snooze or something as major as closing a business deal you had been working on for months? 

Negotiating is a daily practice from the things you talk yourself into and out of and the things you get the people around you to do. From getting your kids to do chores, from your partner picking where were you want to move to and what kind of house you will live in.

When you start to see everything as a negotiation you can improve your skills so that not only do you get more win-wins but those you are negotiating with will also get more wins. When you implement the 4 part framework you will be learning from the author of The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation Susie Tomenchok which you can apply to anything and everything.

Susie shares with us how to change your mindset about negotiations and the old school thinking that they have to be hard and one side has to lose instead of both sides winning.


In this episode, we dive into:

  • Common misconceptions around negotiations
  • Why women typically have a more difficult time negotiating
  • How a fixed mindset can keep you from receiving more than expected
  • Why it’s important to walk away from a negotiation with a win-win and how to create one
  • An easy to implement 4-part framework for negotiation
  • One thing that is guaranteed to improve your next negotiation
  • Why you shouldn’t say yes to the first offer 


Connect with Susie:

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