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If you’re like many entrepreneurs you want to create content that helps sell your product and does justice to the amazing service or product that you’ve created but you’re terrified of being on camera. 

You might feel self-conscious about the way you look, you might feel silly talking to a screen, maybe you are afraid you will freeze and have no idea what to say or maybe you are concerned what other people will think of you or say about you when you do allow yourself to be seen. 

Ron Ben-Joseph is a content marketer and strategist that has spent the last 20 years empowering entrepreneurs to share their personal message in the stories they choose to tell. Ron is the Founder of Artful Speaking and specializes in helping entrepreneurs get comfortable on video. 

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The importance of story-telling in your marketing strategy
  • How to decide which stories to tell
  • How to find the overarching thread in your story
  • How storytelling can improve your sales
  • The common reasons entrepreneurs shy away from being on camera and how to overcome them
  • An easy hack to create engaging and impactful content
  • The importance of working on your mindset to overcome fears of being on video
  • My personal journey with video (what made me start creating, and what made me start again)


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