E131 Expand Your Influence and Sales Using LinkedIn with Rachel B. Lee

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Do you often find yourself struggling to create content that represents your personal and business brand cohesively?

Or, are you still stuck in the cycle of “what should I post today”, or feel overwhelmed by trying to connect to your audience on multiple platforms?

Effectively communicating your personal and business brand is part of a great content strategy and brand strategy.

It informs your intended audience about who you are, what you stand for, and why they should choose YOU.

As business owners, we know we need to have a social media presence, but we also know we can't be active on every site available…

So, what platforms should we use to maximize our efforts and receive the best return on time and money investment?

On this week's episode of the #LOYBPodcast, I'm joined by Rachel B. Lee, a marketing and branding strategist who helps entrepreneurs build their personal brands and grow opportunities through LinkedIn.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

🔹How to overcome common personal branding & content creation challenges

🔹Tips for avoiding “last-minute” posting & content creation burnout

🔹Why LinkedIn is strategically designed to expand your influence & sales

🔹Leveraging LinkedIn's segmentation to easily connect with your ideal audience


Rachel B. Lee is a fearless marketing and branding strategist who supports entrepreneurs, business owners, and C- level execs to create strong personal brands, build their influence, and grow opportunities through the power of LinkedIn. She and her husband are the founders of Standout Authority where they help you find your voice and become a thought leader with massive influence.


"There's no more B2B, there's no more B2C, there's only human to human." - Rachel B. Lee


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