E56 How to Leverage Relationship Selling to Increase Revenue with Nikki Rausch

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Most people, especially entrepreneurs, have mixed feelings around sales. It might seem odd that you have built a service or a product that you believe could genuinely solve a problem, a want or a need, but then struggle to sell it. But according to Nikki Rausch, CEO of Sales Maven, it’s because we have all had a similar experience of being sold to instead of being sold with. 

Being sold to looks like receiving emails that you never asked for, for “pain points” you never gave a stranger permission to talk to you about. Being sold to is that gross feeling when someone creates a pain point or a problem just to sell you the solution. 

To sell with someone is to listen and to offer invitations. Selling with someone is following the 5 Step Selling Staircase so that you truly understand what your potential customer/client needs and wants before you ever actually propose a sale.

So, if you’re ready to transform your feelings around the selling process or just want to avoid some common selling mistakes, listen in to Episode 56 of The Lean Out Your Business podcast.


In this episode, we dive into:

  • Why selling “to” someone doesn’t work 
  • How to shift to relationship selling 
  • The 5 steps of the selling staircase 
  • Common mistakes that are made in the selling process 
  • Tips for selling through email campaigns 
  • The three things that need to be aligned in order to make a sale 
  • Whether or not you should put pricing on your website 
  • Sales strategies you've been taught that actually repel the sale 


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