E34 How to Position Yourself as an Industry Expert with Nikki Nash

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Nikki Nash, Founder of Market Your Genius was originally on Episode 11 of The Lean Out Your Business podcast, she’s back in Episode 34 to discuss how you can position yourself as an expert in your industry and what it was like to write a book, a lifelong bucket list item of hers.

If you’ve had a dream for a while or if you’re wanting to launch a product or service into the world but are worried you aren’t ready, you won’t want to miss my conversation with Nikki.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The #1 indicator on whether your dream will succeed or not
  • The key to others believing you are an expert
  • How content creation affects whether or not people view you as an expert
  • The four ways to become an expert
  • The three ways to gain traffic

Make sure you order your copy of Market Your Genius by visiting marketyourgeniusbook.com. Nikki wanted to write a book for years, always saving it for “one day.” It was when she heard a message from Brendon Burchard that she decided it was time to finally take action. His message was this, “if you have a big goal but he can’t find evidence of it on your calendar, then it is never going to happen.” Nikki decided it was time to make it happen because it had been unfinished business on her bucket list for years but also because she knew if she put her expertise, methods and philosophies in a packaged book she could touch more people with her knowledge around the world and further position herself as an expert in her field, ultimately generating more leads for her business.

The good news for us? We can have access to Nikki’s knowledge by reading her book, Market Your Genius, and we can learn how to position ourselves as experts in our field.

In fact, Nikki shares four ways you can be known as an expert through her acronym CARR: contribute, association, research and results.

  1. Contribute – Always start creating your content from a place of service. If you get stuck on what type of content to create start by answering thirteen questions related to your industry and create content around each of those questions/answers.
  2. Association – Oprah became famous through association; it was through her interviews with experts that she eventually became known as an expert herself.
  3. Research – You have access to all the knowledge you need to be an expert in any topic you choose. If you want to be known as an expert at basket weaving, you could research basket weaving on YouTube and then share your learned knowledge with your audience.
  4. Results – The moment you start helping people get the desired results they want (create a beautiful weaved basket, learn to cook, write a book, etc.) share those results for other potential students/customers to see.


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