E119: Experimental Leadership with Melanie Parish

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Is your current leadership style creating issues for your business? Are you looking for a way to improve and excel?  

Leaders, entrepreneurs, and teams can benefit from adopting an experimental mindset that encourages collective idea generation and experimentation to determine what works best. When we approach tasks as experiments, we are motivated to collect data and assess the success of our ideas. This leads to a more innovative, agile, flexible, productive, and profitable business. It's important to remember that having an experimental mindset can help us stay open to new possibilities and embrace a culture of innovation.

On this episode of Lean Out Your Business Podcast, I am joined by the founder of Experimental Leader Academy, and Master Certified Coach, Melanie Parish where she shares the importance of experimental leadership as an entrepreneur.

Listen to Learn:

➡️ Experimental leadership and its application to entrepreneurship

➡️ Embracing the concept of experimental leader mindset

➡️ Kata Practice

➡️Integrating book concepts into real life

➡️Collaborative pricing as an experiment in their business


 "Hold your own time as valuable and then try experiments to see how you can have the experience line up with what your body, your soul is telling you. Because if you're an entrepreneur, you want your business to be a place you love to work.” - Melanie Parish


Melanie Parish is an author, a public speaker. She's host of the Experimental Leader podcast. She is also an expert in problem solving, constraints management, operations, strategic hiring and brand development. And she shows people new ways of thinking about their leadership, informed by her understanding of the fast-paced ride of technology innovation.

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