E42 Three Branding Mistakes To Avoid with Megan Wagner

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Have you been jumping from one trend to another attempting to stand out in your marketing?

Or have you been doing the same thing that worked in the beginning only to see your results dwindling over time?

Today on the podcast, we have Megan Wagner of Heart-Based Branding Academy to chat about how to put your heart into successful marketing.

You will be able to take these tips and apply them to your business with confidence to reach new audiences, stay in integrity and continue to enjoy your business long term.

There are 31 million entrepreneurs just in the US, congratulations for being one of them. In a 2020 survey from Small Business Trends, only 43% of entrepreneurs stated they were happy. Part of this unhappiness comes from seeing what everyone else is doing and what is working for others and jumping on those same things.

When looking at your branding it is so important to look at how it expresses itself. A brand does not explicitly say buy me, instead, it says, “This is what I am, this is why I exist if you agree, and if you like me, you can buy me, support me, and recommend me to your friends”.

What are some of the top mistakes Megan sees entrepreneurs and small business owners making and how to avoid them?

Three Branding Mistakes to Avoid

1. You don't know what branding truly means.

You might think of branding as just a logo, a tagline, or a color pallet easily recognized as your brand. Those things do help people see your brand out in the world. However, that isn't an accurate representation of what branding is. Branding is how your business makes someone feel, the results you can get them, or what you stand for as a company. Branding is how other people experience and talk about your company compared to all others out there.

2. Getting too hung up on marketing tactics.

This is where you think you must everywhere all the time to get results. First, it starts with Facebook, then Instagram, or you see people having success with Tiktok and podcasting. All of it is shiny object syndrome that leads to feelings of overwhelm or frustration from being spread too thin. If the focus is only on the visuals or getting the exposure; it will work against you as you still need a solid plan.

3. Not evolving your brand with your strengths and passions.

You are the boss. You are in charge. You can do what you want with your brand. You are in control and can change things up as you go along. As you grow, learn, and change as a person means you can change your brand as you go. Branding is fluid and can and should change with you. Changing allows you to stay in integrity and enjoy your business by being a pure reflection of who you are.


Marketing is like building a house. Goals, strategies, tactics make up your plan to get you to where you are trying to go.

Goals: The blueprint of the building. What the structure is going to look like, where you’re going in the long term.

Strategy: The foundation and framework. You need to build the walls, install the wiring, make sure all the doors are working.

Tactics: The fun interior decorating part of it all, painting everything, adding the best curtains, making the house into a home.


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