E19 The Dark Side Of Success In Business with Jordan Eades

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There is a dark side of success that few entrepreneurs talk openly about. Challenges and struggles that we often don't see behind the highlight reel that fills our inboxes and our feeds.  Beliefs that once we hit that next big milestone things will become easier and we can stop sacrificing our health and personal life for our business, only to realize it doesn't work like that.  

Crista Grasso is joined by Jordan Eades from Your Best Business Life and she pulls back the curtain on the dark side of success. She shares her personal experience of letting go of a wildly successful 8-figure business that was taking a toll on her health, family, and life overall and why she gave it all up to go on an epic two-year RV adventure across 40+ states. You will be inspired by Jordan’s story and learn how to come out the other side if you are experiencing the dark side of success.

In this episode, we dive into:

  •  The impact of scaling a business quickly to 8-figures
  • What the illusion of success looks like
  • Know when to sell or move on from a successful business
  • Why it’s important to talk about the dark side in business
  • What to do if you are overwhelmed in your business
  • The challenges of letting things go in your business
  • Jordan’s top 3 tips on what you should do if you are experiencing the dark side of success
  • Where you can learn more about Jordan Eades


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