E39 Why We Overwork and How to Prevent Burnout with Jordan Eades

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How often do you think about WHY you are overworking? 

There is always something more to be done, a new task to accomplish, a new goal to achieve but is that your reason for overworking? Or is it so much deeper than that?  

Jordan Eades is returning to the podcast today to share with us how we can recognize burnout, before it takes you out of action and paralyzes both your in and out of business life. Burnout can present itself as exhaustion, physical ailments, brain fog and more. These physical problems will stop you cold in your tracks when you know you have a business to run so catching it before it becomes too overwhelming is vital.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The definition of overwork
  • What are the most noticeable signs and symptoms of burnout
  • Why is overworking so common in the entrepreneurial space 
  • What subconscious belief patterns that lead to overworking
  • How to recognize your patterns, habits and beliefs


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