E27 Leverage Breath to Stay Focused and Intentional with Jenny Lind

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Jenny Lind, Founder of Infinite Well Co., was living a normal 30-year-old life; she was getting married, moving, starting new jobs, watching friends have babies, etc. Life seemed normal, everything was fine, until one day it wasn’t.

Jenny was working on a convention floor, when all of a sudden, she had a full panic attack. She went from “everything is normal,” to being rushed by ambulance to a hospital, where she would spend the next 4 days undergoing multiple tests.

When all major health issues were ruled out, Jenny was officially diagnosed with having a panic attack. After being released from the hospital she went to a psychologist, fully expecting he was going to ask her to go on medication, instead he asked her to do one thing…. breathe.

She began meeting with him once a week for six months, to practice visualization and breathing over the phone. In that time, she found that her nervous system started coming back into balance, an avid runner, her speed got faster and most importantly of all, her work and family life changed as she began to see people differently; she was now calm, focused and slower to react.

Jenny has learned to harness the power of breathing to make heart-centered decisions, those decisions where you say yes because they align with what you want for your life and your business. Today she’s teaching others how they can leverage breath for their growth, and how they can use that same breath to stay focused and in the present moment because that’s where the magic happens.

In Episode 27 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast, I ask Jenny why this concept of breathing is so important for entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • How breathwork can help a busy entrepreneur 
  • What procrastination is actually teaching us
  • The physical changes that take place in your body when you breath
  • Shifting from time management to energy management 
  • How inner work helps to generate different and lasting business results 
  • How to leverage your breath to stay focused and intentional

Connect with Jenny:

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