.E31 Make Imposter Syndrome Your Super Power with Jen Coken

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Have you ever struggled with imposter syndrome? Most of us have. I know I have (if you listen to Episode 31 you’ll hear a little more about that). Maybe you have struggled with imposter syndrome and didn’t even realize that’s what you were struggling with.

Jen Coken is an imposter syndrome expert who works with women in power positions who don’t feel so powerful anymore, more specifically she works with women to turn their imposter syndrome into their superpower, helping them shatter self-doubt, so they can embrace their genius and learn to love themselves.

In our interview, Jen shares the five different ways imposter syndrome shows up in our lives including:

  1. The Perfectionist – if you often find yourself stressed, have a difficult time delegating, or if you set incredibly high standards for yourself or others this might be you
  2. The Natural Genius – things come naturally to you which is a good thing, but when you don’t see a clear path you won’t make a move, or you might quit if it doesn’t come easy
  3. The Individualist/Soloist – you have no problem offering to help someone but you hate asking for help, you don’t want to appear weak
  4. The Expert – you research and research and research but never act
  5. Superman/Superwoman – you get your own self-worth by the number of hours you put in

If you read the above and resonated with more than one, or even all of the above, that’s normal. It’s not uncommon to find parts of ourselves in all five types of imposter syndrome.

The good news is that Jen’s unique approach to battling imposter syndrome actually works. Unlike the advice you might receive in a quick Google search, Jen’s techniques actually work in alignment with your brain’s hardwiring. Since we can’t manage our mind, we embrace and leverage both our light side and our shadow side, so we can step fully into who we were meant to be as people and as entrepreneurs.

If you want to identify the limits of your leadership and see which areas of imposter syndrome are most blocking your success take Jen’s quiz at www.magpaiassessments.com/3256/0

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Jen’s unique approach to battling imposter syndrome and the science behind it
  • How you can identify the source of your imposter syndrome (there’s always a source)
  • The five types of imposter syndrome
  • Why we weren’t born with the symptoms of imposter syndrome and why that’s a good thing
  • Why making imposter syndrome your superpower is the key to real results


Connect with Jen:

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