E180: Operational Mistakes That Impact Growth with Gwen Bortner

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Do you know what your business problem really is?

Most visionary CEOs assume their growth issues are marketing-related, but the root cause often lies in operations.

On this week's episode of the Lean Out Your Business podcast, Gwen Bortner and I uncover how getting to the heart of your actual problem can be a game-changer in business growth. Gwen Bortner is the founder of Everyday Effectiveness. She is a no-nonsense Operational Strategist and Business Advisor with an intuitive coaching mindset. She helps visionary female entrepreneurs achieve their most ambitious goals without the stress and overwhelm of trying to do it all on their own. 

Gwen shares valuable tips on hiring strategically, emphasizing the importance of finding team members who complement rather than mirror the business owner. Her approach comes from the belief that personal and professional success looks different for everyone, and most business owners waste time and energy trying to conform to outside expectations and definitions of success. 

Throughout our conversation, we explain the challenges of scaling a business effectively highlighting common pitfalls like mistaking operational issues for marketing problems and the importance of a holistic, strategic approach to business operations. Also, we advocate for investing in strategically minded operational leaders who can address deep-rooted issues, ensuring the business model is designed for long-term success rather than quick, reactionary fixes!

We combine our 3 decades of operational expertise as the right-hands to some incredibly successful business leaders to share the common blind spots and mistakes that we see that keep businesses stuck, including:

  • Identifying & addressing root causes, not just symptoms
  • Why you need to take a holistic approach to operations
  • How defining a personal definition of success drives growth
  • The type of operational leader you should be looking for
  • The importance of complementary skill sets in hires

“Every business works exactly as it was designed, but very few businesses are designed with intention”

- Gwen Bortner



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