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In today’s episode, we are diving into all things Ingagement and leadership with Evan Hackel. He is an experienced business leader, author, entrepreneur, and creator of Ingaged Leadership. Evan’s focus is creating a culture of partnership with a common purpose, in order to help employees dramatically improve their performance. He has helped hundreds of organizations make major system-wide changes and build “ingagement,” teamwork, in order to achieve growth and success.

The “I” stands for a higher level of engagement, which is referred to as involvement. Because when you involve people, and make them part of the process, then you will have a clear vision of your company that can provide you with a sense of purpose and direction for the future. This vision may become a blueprint or a roadmap to your success. 

Remember most successful and profitable ventures did not get to where they are today without ingagement and a vision of their business. So, tap into this episode to learn more!


In this episode, we dive into: 

  • The importance of Ingagement
  •  A manager doesn’t have to be an expert in all the business fields
  • The importance of having a vision, and making people a part of the solution 
  • What you can do when a shared vision doesn’t exist in a company
  • Helping people understand that their work has a ripple effect on the vision and growth of the company
  • How to lead change instead of reacting


Connect with Evan:

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