E84 How to Hire and Attract 5-Star Employees with Danielle Mulvey

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Do you want to learn the secrets to how to hire and retain the absolute best team in order to accelerate your business and increase your annual revenue?

Tune in to Episode 84 of the Lean Out Your Business podcast, where Danielle Mulvey discusses her 5-star rating system and how she attracts 5-Star employees. She explains how she cracked the code on recruiting a rockstar team so you can scale your business. 

Looking to hire game-changing, dedicated, hardworking people who make big plays and get real, consistent results? Danielle has scaled her several companies to over $50 million in annual revenue while spending less than 10 hours each week overseeing their operations. Her own team of trusted 5-Star employees provides her with the freedom to spend the rest of her workweek doing the things she loves best: guiding other entrepreneurs through podcasting, workshops, and community curating.

If you're tired of making the wrong hiring decisions that cost you unnecessary time and money, you won't want to miss this episode where we dive into:

In this episode, we cover: 

  • The characteristics that 5-Star Employees possess
  • The real cost to businesses when hiring someone who isn’t a 5-Star Employee
  • What role higher salaries play in hiring the right team
  • The 5-star rating system and how it works
  • What motivates a 5-Star Employee (hint: it's not money)
  • What companies can do to attract a 5-Star Employee
  • Danielle’s trusted system of finding candidates and recognizing their potential
  • The importance of being a detail-oriented employee 

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