E71 The Importance of Meditation and Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs with Christina Pearce

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Have you ever noticed how your very best thoughts and most innovative ideas typically come to you when you're not sitting behind your computer or actively "doing"?

I find that they tend to happen when we can quiet our minds or when we're in a relaxed state. Do you find the same?

As someone who's brain seems to always be in go-go-go mode, I have always been fascinated with meditation and mindfulness and how it can help us as entrepreneurs.

Today I am excited to be chatting with Christina Pearce of OriginalU.co on the podcast about all things meditation and mindfulness and how entrepreneurs can leverage these practices to improve their results.

From helping you become a better leader, a better listener, and even a better executor of your own daily activities, meditation can be used to help center yourself in a fast-paced world.

Christina has led over 60 businesses, schools and nonprofits on mindfulness practices and creating a wellness culture in the workplace. A former Professor in Yoga Studies at Pratt Institute and a recent Graduate of the Happiness Studies Academy, Christina is passionate about continuing to explore and discover what keeps life healthy, vibrant, and inspired.

In Episode 71, Christina shares how mindfulness and meditation can help entrepreneurs feel centered and be more successful.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • 3 things that make us stay healthy, vibrant, and inspired
  • The important role curiosity plays in our lives
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • The key to a “successful” meditation practice
  • How to put routines in place around your mediation practice
  • Using mindfulness in transition moments
  • Why entrepreneurs need mindfulness and meditation
  • Leveraging breath as a key role in meditation
  • The importance of night time practices 

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