The Simplest Way to Scale Your Online Business

loyb podcast scaling business Dec 14, 2021

Would you like to expand your impact while also generating predictable profitability and getting time back in your day? 

There are 3 things that most entrepreneurs want - they typically want to make a bigger impact, have more time freedom, and more financial freedom.

Are these 3 things important to you too?

The challenge is that there is a lot of misinformation and false promises around how to scale your business that puts entrepreneurs on a path that leaves them feeling burnt out rather than fulfilled and that actually keeps them from the impact, time freedom, and financial freedom they want most.

Scaling can be simple and straightforward when you focus in on your Scalable Signature Offer (SSO).

In today's episode of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast, I walk you through how to leverage an SSO to scale your business simply and sustainably and also why some of the common ways I see businesses try to scale turn into far too much effort and complexity for very little return.

In Episode 50 we discuss:

  • The biggest mistakes people make when scaling their business
  • The simplest way to scale your business
  • The key components of a Scalable Signature Offer (SSO)
  • The importance of PPV (passion, profit and value) in your SSO
  • The truth about DIY courses and building lifelong customers
  • The overlooked risks and limitations with 1:1 coaching
  • How to create an offer that's irresistible to your customers
  • How to achieve time freedom, financial freedom, and make the impact you want



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Welcome to the Lean Out Your Business podcast, a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs accelerate business growth in simple success. I'm your host, Crista Grasso, and I've been working with businesses for more than two decades to help them lean out and optimize what's working while eliminating anything that's not adding value. So if you are ready to get more time back in your day, more profit in your business, and to do business differently growing and scaling on your terms, let's dive into today's episode.


Hello, hello, and welcome to another episode of the lean out your business podcast. Today, we are going to be talking about one of the simplest ways to scale your online business. And I think this is such an important discussion to be having now because over the recent years, and especially what I saw this past year, is a really big focus on scaling. And while I do think scaling is so important, as you know, it's what I help businesses do. But I also think that there's a lot of misinformation about scaling. And a lot of people as a result end up making scaling way harder than it needs to be, instead of actually giving themselves back time in their business, instead of actually increasing their profitability in their impact, which is what scaling is ultimately all about. Instead of they end up in a place of overworking overwhelm, they don't end up increasing their profitability. And they really end up getting themselves to a place of burnout, where they just simply aren't enjoying what they're doing anymore. And that's obviously not the goal. When you want to scale, you want to take something that's already working really well in your business. And that's what you want to scale. The reality is that scaling amplifies what you already have. So if you are in a place where you're already overworked and overwhelmed, scaling is going to make you more overworked and more overwhelmed. If things feel complex and heavy in your business and you scale from that place, things are going to feel more complex and heavier. And if you're in the red, a lot of people make the mistake of trying to scale thinking that that's what's going to get them profitable. But it doesn't usually work that way, it ends up actually putting you more in the red. So scaling, absolutely critical. I think it's something that especially for those of us as online business owners really do want to do, right, we want more time freedom, we want to make a bigger impact, we want to increase our profitability, we want to be able to reach more people. So all of those things are really important in scaling is so important. But in order to scale in a sustainable way, and really have sustainable scaling practices, you need to simplify first, you need to lean out first, you want to find that thing that's working really well in your business, you want to find that thing that's already generating profit, you want to find that thing that you really enjoy doing. If that's what you want to scale, you want to amplify that, to get more of that. So that takes us to what is the simplest way to scale your business, it's to focus all of your efforts on scaling your signature offer, it's what I call your SSo or your scalable signature offer, you want to nail that in your business. And that is what you want to focus on scaling. At the same time, you want to be simplifying and removing a lot of complexities in overhead in your business. But when you laser focus in on that scalable signature offer that tends to automatically really help you simplify and eliminate those complexities by the nature of clearing out all of the things that aren't working in doubling down on that one thing that is so what is a scalable signature offer? We'll signature we'll start with that is really what you're known for. Right signature is what makes you you what's your unique differentiator?



What are you either known for today? Or what do you want to be known for? Right? If somebody is describing you, how are they describing you? Are they saying oh, she's the person who acts or somebody is sharing a problem that they have or something that they're looking for. And you're immediately top of mind as, oh, you need to work with this person that that's what they do better than anybody else. Right? So that's signature, the signature piece of this is that thing that you are known for? Or if you don't feel like you're really known for something today, maybe you do a lot of different things today, then what is that one thing that you want to be known for? Now, the scalable piece of it is it's something that's highly leveraged. It's something that's asset based, it's something that ultimately is the blend of what I call the PPV matrix, which is passion, profit and value. It's something that you are deeply passionate about. It's something that's aligned with that next level vision that you have for Your business, it's something that drives a great deal of profitability and profit margin for your business. And most of all, it provides a lot of value for your clients, it helps you make the impact that you want to make. Ultimately, it helps you leave the legacy that you want to leave. And so PPV we talked about in another podcast episode, but that to me is really all about that scalability, right, you've got something that you're deeply passionate about, you've got something that provides a tremendous amount of value to your customers in a differentiated signature kind of way. And it drives the right level of profitability and profit margins for your business in relation to the effort that you put into it. That is your scalable signature offer. And



how I would define that is a highly leveraged and value aligned offer that aligns with your unique expertise, your unique passions in fills a targeted need in the market. And so that's ultimately what you really want, you want a scalable signature offer. And people tend to have a lot of different offers in their business, when they first start, they don't necessarily have that single scalable signature offer, they maybe do a little bit of this and a little bit of that in sometimes those offers are a little bit more general. And they may not be super cohesive, right. So as you do scale your business up, one of the things that you end up developing is what I call your SSO 's or your scalable signature offers suite. And that is where you're really looking at your customer's journey. And you're developing a suite of products to meet them where they're at, along that customer journey of working with you. And what I see a lot of people do in the beginning is they think they have an offer suite, but it doesn't actually align with their customer journey, it's not an offer suite for a single customer are aligned around, you know, deeper levels of solving a single problem, it's more they do this for this person over here. And they do that for this person over there. And then they've got this other thing that sorta doesn't really connect to any of it. And they've got more of a hodgepodge of different offers. And at the end of the day, it becomes really hard to have that signature thing that you're known for because you do a little bit of everything for a little bit of everyone. And so many of us when we're very first starting out in our business start there because part of it is just a big experiment and trying to figure out who is that client that we love working with? Most of all, who do we get the best results for and that actually really fuels us and fulfill us to work with what is that particular piece of the thing that we're so good at that we do that aligned just right with the problems that your customers have, or the opportunities that your customers have that you can help solve, right. And so sometimes it takes a little bit to actually put together what that scalable signature offer is in you get there, through experimenting with a lot of other more generalized offers. If you happen to be in that place where you've got kind of all the things going on, you definitely do want to hone that in and get more clear on what that single scalable signature offer is. Now one of the other things that I see people do as evolution is when they do get more targeted, they get a bit more niched, a lot of people will create a DIY course. And you know, there's so many different courses and programs and people out there that promise passive revenue into that selling information is the way to build, grow and scale a business. And there's just a lot of information out there that really leads people to believe that creating a DIY course is the be all end all. And I think there's certainly a place for DIY courses and some business models. It's not that it's not a valid solution. But what most people find when they go down that DIY course route is that a it's not really as fulfilling for them, because they're not making the impact that they really want to, they might have a lot of people buy and invest in their course and program. But when they look on the back end, they realize very few people ever actually complete it. Very few people ever actually get the results or the transformation that they set out to do. Because the completion rates are so low on DIY programs. Sometimes they'll have people who invested in the program and never even started the course, never did a thing with it. When you do the DIY course route. Most people are planning on doing that to lead to an up level to eventually some sort of higher ticket offer. That's usually the way that things progress. But what they find and maybe if you're here, you found this as well is a lot of those people who bought your DIY course or program, they don't ever end up up-leveling, because the thing that drives somebody to want to continue to work with you. The thing that makes somebody want to you know, deepen their transformation is results. And if somebody is not following through, somebody is not logging in, somebody is not taking action and doing the course or if somebody gets stuck and has nowhere to go for feedback or for questions. They don't actually get the results. without those results, they're going to be much less likely to go on and actually invest in whatever your next level or other offers are. Because they look at it as I just spent a whole bunch of money on something that I didn't even do, or I didn't get results from, it's not a super compelling reason for them to go out and spend more money and invest in something else that you do. So not only is that part of it, but the other thing that most people realize is that in the beginning, you launch a course. And you can get this false sense of confidence that things are great, because you're usually launching it to a warm audience. And people are intrigued and curious, and especially if you did a really good job niching. And you create a quality course, in so their first launch, or their first couple launches are really successful. And it's exciting. And it's like I got this, this is great, this is going to become a multi six figure revenue stream and my business or a seven-figure revenue stream, this is amazing. But then what they find over time, is that's actually not the case, it becomes harder and harder and harder to sell it, you have to rely on paid traffic, or you have to have a really strategic referral system in place, or you need a really highly leveraged PR and media, right, whether that's podcasting or whether that's more traditional media placement, it becomes harder to sell over time. And it becomes harder to maintain those early results that you got, never mind actually scale those results. And it can get really complex really quickly. And it can get really expensive really quickly. If you're investing in paid ads in order to scale up. And the more people you're reaching, the more customer service emails, inquiries, requests, complaints, things that start to come in, that you have to deal with, that you weren't really always thinking about in the beginning. Now the third thing that I see people do is going to one-on-one route, and one on one the great thing about one on one is it's highly transformational. Right when you want to get your clients results in, you want to really get them that great transformation, one on one is one of the ways to do that. And I find personally one on one very fulfilling, and I find a lot of my clients do as well, again, because they tend to be pretty passion-fueled and impact-driven. And you can make a really big impact with one on one. Now there are some other really great things about one on one is that as you're working with more clients, one on one, you start to see common themes, you start to have those questions that they ask you over and over and over again, right, you start to hear what they find most valuable and working with you. And sometimes it surprises you. Sometimes that thing that you thought was going to be the most valuable thing ever. When people are leaving you feedback and referring you it's something that they never mentioned. And meanwhile, there's this other thing that you thought nothing of that's the thing that people talk about all the time. So there's a lot of really positive aspects to work in one on one. But there are also some challenges with one on one, one on one, well, it can be scalable. Some people will tell you, you can't scale one on one, I am of the belief that you can scale absolutely anything with the right strategy and the right intentionality behind what you're doing. You can find a way to scale anything, and you can absolutely scale one on one. But it is not easy to scale. And it also has a lot of risks inherent in it. Because it is very dependent on you. It is dependent on you and your time and your availability and your presence if you were to get sick, or if you were to have something come up in your personal life that's going to require you're focused or even if you just want to take a vacation, and you want to take a month off, or you want to reduce your hours in the summer or at the end of the year for the holidays, all of those things can have a really big impact on your income. Depending on the way that you have your one-on-one offer structured, one of the biggest challenges is that you can max out your time and hit a ceiling very easily. And it can really cause burnout. Working with one on one is deep transformational work. And it takes a lot of mental energy in addition to the time that you're committing to it. So on one side, it's really fulfilling, right, most people love one on one work in some capacity. But on the other side, it can be really exhausting and draining, especially for those of you who are very empathetic, you can sometimes take on a lot of what your clients are going through, which is great when they're celebrating wins and having amazing success as you enter those calls feeling on top of the world. But when they're going through something challenging, which everybody does all of your clients throughout the life of working with them



at some point are going to have something challenging, either personally or in their business. And it can be easy to sometimes take that on as well. Now the other thing is because everything is so dependent on you, you become the bottleneck and you become the constraint. Every time you add a new client, it doubles the amount of time and effort that you have to put in. So while you can provide a really high transformation, it also typically comes with really high effort on your part. So this takes us to the fourth option, which is what I think is the ultimate medley the simplest way to scale your business, and that is to develop your scalable signature offer. And if you think about why scale, right, what do most people want, what do most entrepreneurs want that they think scaling is going to give them, it's usually a combination of making a bigger impact, right, reaching more people having a bigger impact, there's usually some element of change or transformation or something that people want to see either in their clients or in their industry, they want more time freedom themselves, right, they don't want so much to be dependent on them, they don't want to have to work so much. They don't want to feel like they can never take a vacation, or they can never fully check out of work, even when they're off work. You know, they don't want to constantly be thinking about it and having to check-in and worrying about people messaging and pinging them all the time. And ultimately, they want greater financial freedom, not just do they want to generate more revenue, and do they want to make more profit, but they want that reliability and predictability in the profits that they're generating in their business. They don't want to go into every single month crossing their fingers and hoping that they make enough to cover their expenses this month, they want to know going in with a great level of confidence and predictability in how much revenue, how much profit, they're going to be generating in to be in a place where they can reinvest back in themselves, they can reinvest back in their business, they can reinvest back in their team, they can do the things that they ultimately want to do, that makes them feel fulfilled in their business. And all of those things are the goal of scaling. That is why most people scale, they want more time, more financial freedom, and predictability to make that greater impact, ultimately, usually to leave some form of legacy and what they're doing. So, if you want to scale, and you want to scale in a simple, sustainable way, you do that by developing your scalable signature offer. And one of the most highly leveraged ways to build out your scalable signature offer is with a one-to-many group program. Now, as I mentioned already, you technically can scale anything, you can scale one on one, you can scale any type of business model, but that one to many groups program tends to be the simplest path to scaling. Let's take an example. Let's say that when you work with clients, one on one, you do a one-hour coaching call with them once a month, so it takes you four hours. So, for every client that you take on privately, it takes four hours of your time. And let's say those clients pay you $2,000 a month for 90 days. So, it's a total of a $6,000 investment. Now, let's say that you have a one-to-many group program, maybe it's a mastermind, maybe it's a group mentorship, maybe it's a business accelerator, maybe it's an incubator, there's a lot of different options, but it's some sort of one-to-many group type of program, some sort of one-to-many group type of offer. And let's say that, again, clients pay you $2,000 a month, and it takes you four hours per month of your time each week, you have a one-hour coaching call or one-hour workshop, or there's something that you do for an hour each week. Now, in the one-to-one model, when you add a second client, your four hours just became eight hours, you add a third client in your eight hours becomes 12 hours, and so on each additional person that you add, you're also increasing the amount of time, that's when you're growing your business. That's a good example of growth, right? When you grow, your resources tend to be growing at the same or greater pace as the new revenue, the new clients that you're bringing in. Now, when you're scaling, you're creating leverage. And so whether you have one person in that group program, or you have 10 people, or you have 20 people, or you have 120 people, it's still only four hours a month of your time, because you show up for one hour, once a week for that call. Now, you will have to determine what the maximum number of people are in that so that you're still providing the same level of transformation in the same level of impact, you know, that you want to for your clients. But at the end of the day, that offer is scalable, because the more people that you add, it's a very minimal increase in time, if any from you. Now sometimes behind the scenes, there's an increase in time for your team, because they now have more people that they're onboarding. And if you have accountability coaches or anything like that, there's people that they're going to be meeting with once a month. If you do monthly accountability coaching, there are certainly things that do increase but not at the same rate as one to one right. Every time you add that one to one client, you add another four hours, whereas every time you add another client to a group program, the time that you're adding is minimal. So that is why I love one too many Group offers as your scalable signature offer. The other thing is that, you know, people can typically get to six figures with some of those first three scenarios that I mentioned. You can get to six figures with multiple kind of disconnected offers. You can get to six figures with a DIY Of course, you can get to six figures with one on one, you can even sometimes get too multiple six figures with those things, little multiple, six figures. But it is really hard to get too high multi six figures or seven figures without some sort of scalable signature offer. And without some sort of one too many groups program.



Now, there's always exceptions to every rule. But why not take the simple sustainable path to scalability instead of the hard complex path to scalability. So, if we circle back to what a scalable signature offer is, it's that highly leveraged value aligned to offer it aligns with your unique expertise, your unique passions, and it fills that targeted need in the market. Well, if you think about that, and really break that down, what you need to figure out is, what is it that you're known for? What is that thing that you're known for today, or want to be known for? What is the particular need that you're filling for your ideal target market? So, who is your ideal target market? Who is that person that you ultimately really want to work with, and know that you can help and what is the problem that they have or the opportunity they have that yourself, because at the end of the day, as much as we all love what we do, and as much as we love our offers, it's not about our offer, it's not about our skills, it's about how we help our customers solve problems, or achieve transformations and results. So, you really want to get clear on what that transformation end result is that your ideal target market wants and how what you're known for can support that in helping them solve those problems achieve that incredible transformation. So, a lot of this is the work that I do with clients inside my built to scale offer incubator, there is a lot that goes into really, truly defining and then refining your scalable signature offer. So that you can actually make the impact that you want, generate the profitability that you want, get back time. So, you have that time freedom. And so, you can have the predictability and consistency in your revenue, your profitability and your profit margins.



Right now, we’re actually accepting applications and inviting a new cohort of people into our build to scale program. So, I invite you to head over to lean out To find out more if you are in that place, where you know that it's time to go from many different disconnected offers to one scalable signature offer, if you're ready to take that DIY course that you have in really up level it and add that one to many group experience so that you get a better transformation for people. And if you're ready to really just focus in and get clear and simplify how you're approaching your business in your business model so that you can actually build something that's scalable. Once you figure out what that scalable signature offer is, there's so much that goes into making it successful, right? How are you going to structure that offer? How are you going to price that offer? How are you going to position the offer? How are you going to launch that offer? What is your launch approach look like? There are so many different ways that you can structure an offer, there's so many different ways that you can launch an offer. And there's a lot of people out there that tell you that this is the only way to do it. Or this is the only way to do it in the coaching space, or the only way to do it in the consulting space. And the reality is the best way for you to structure your offer. The best way for you to launch your offer is the way that makes the most sense for you. And for your target market. It's not because somebody else had some overnight seven figure launch BS, you know, that you hear touted all the time, it's figuring out what makes the most sense for you, what are you going to do and do well and do consistently what's going to get the best results and align with the way that your target market wants to learn wants to implement. When you have your scalable signature offer. Usually, you are that go to person for your particular niche and market. So not only are you known for something but you're known for a particular niche in a particular market, you truly become that go to person, it ends up becoming more of an irresistible offer. Because it just becomes so clear that you are the person who can help your target market with the specific problem that they have becomes really easy for people to refer you business and it just becomes a lot easier and all of your marketing and sales efforts it becomes more of a pole instead of a push instead of you pushing information that people are trying to convince them that they need what you have. Instead, it becomes a poll where people are like I want to work with you. How do I work with you? When are you opening up doors to your program again, how can I how can I get on your waitlist? How can I join your program? It becomes a completely different conversation in a completely different approach when you have that scalable signature offer typically is also much more highly differentiated. Again, because of the signature piece of the scalable signature offer, it's something that's a little bit more unique to you, you may be doing something similar to other people, I help people build their scalable signature offer, I am most certainly not the only person on earth who helps people build scalable signature offers, there's hundreds, if not 1000s, of people that help people build offers, but nobody does it in quite the way that I do. Nobody has 20 plus year’s experience doing it, launching some of the largest products in the world, as well as helping people launch masterminds and retreats in group coaching programs within their coaching business, right. Nobody has the exact experience, expertise and adaptable framework that I do. Just like nobody has the same experience expertise, and whatever adaptable framework you come up with, that you do in that's ultimately what ends up helping with that differentiation. And when done right, a scalable signature offer can not only provide really high levels of transformation, can actually provide higher levels of transformation than one to one. And what I teach people inside my built to scale program is how to have that really high impact high transformational experience for their clients. This isn't about like doing a membership, where you have 1000s of people in it, and you just crank out content. This is really about looking at how do you help your clients get those incredible results and get as much out of that one to many group experience as they would ever get in working with you one on one. And the thing I love so much about a scalable signature offer is you get that really high and consistent return for relatively low effort and relatively low complexity when you build your scalable signature offer, right. So that is why you want a scalable signature offer and why I believe it is absolutely the simplest way to scale your business. So as I mentioned, doors are open to my built to scale offer Incubator we kick off in January, if you want to go in and build out that scalable signature offer, maybe take some of the many more multiple general offers that you have in your business, or that may be niched DIY course that you have, or the one to one coaching and consulting that you've been doing. And really look at transforming that into a really high touch really high impact one to many group experience for your clients, then I invite you to go check out more and apply to join us, you can head over to lean out for all the details, or you can just go ahead and schedule a call. Let's chat, let's take a look at your offers. Let's look at where you're at. Let's see how you can best scale the offers that you already have in your business. And you can do that at scaling strategy, call calm, just go ahead and set up some time with Jessica for my team or with myself. And we'll dive in we'll look at your offers. And we'll help you understand how to best scale them and which of our programs are best for you. So to wrap this episode up, really you want to look at developing if you don't already have your scalable signature offer in your business. And if you do already have that scalable signature offer, make sure that you're really locked in and fully optimized on your packaging of that offer, your pricing of that offer and your positioning of that offer. Because there is usually a lot of room for improvement in each one of those where if you optimize it, at that point, small changes can have a really big impact on your results. And on the demand for your offer itself. Your offer shouldn't be hard to sell, it shouldn't feel like pushing a boulder up the hill in order to get people to enroll in your offer with the right positioning in the right packaging in the right pricing for your particular target market. It should feel more like pull based marketing, then push based marketing people should be asking you how they could join and how they could enroll in how they could be a part of your group experience.



So if you're not fully there yet really dig into where you can make some shifts and fully optimize that scalable signature offer and again, set up that strategy call with us scaling strategy, call calm and we are happy to help you in look at how we can best support you through that process. And then ultimately once you do have your scalable signature offer, the next step is to look at your customer journey and build out your scalable signature offer sweet and we'll talk more about that in an upcoming episode. So I hope you got a ton of value out of this episode and really are looking at your offers and looking at how you can transition those into either a scalable signature offer or take the one that you already have and optimize it for improved results. I will see you again next week.


Thank you for joining me for another episode of the lean out your business This podcast. I hope you got a lot of value and actionable insights from today's show. And we'd love if you take a moment to leave us a review. If you have any questions on today's episode or on how to lean out your business, join us over in our private Facebook community, where every week we do live training and q&a. And I'd love to have you be part of the conversation had to lean out to join us. And before you go, be sure to subscribe to the show. So you're the first to know when we release a new episode. We'll see you next week.

by Crista Grasso

Crista Grasso is the go-to strategic planning expert for leading global businesses and online entrepreneurs when they want to scale.  Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably. She specializes in helping businesses gain clarity on the most important things that will drive maximum value for their clients and maximum profits for their business.  She is the creator of the Lean Out Method, 90 Day Lean Out Planner, and host of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast. She is also the founder and CVO of the Profitable Planner Co and Criscara Jewelry.


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