E80 Shift from Distracted to Focused with Amber Hawley

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If you ever find yourself distracted throughout your day and wanting to get your focus back, episode 80 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast is for you.

Amber Hawley shares how you can shift from being distracted to focused in both your life and your business. Amber works a lot with clients who have ADHD but the truth is, modern entrepreneurship leaves us all feeling distracted, as FOMO, shiny pennies, and social media vie for our attention daily.

In this conversation, Amber shares reasons why entrepreneurs may subconsciously be self-sabotaging their business, why we say yes to too many things and how you can determine if your next “yes” is really something you should commit to or if it’s just a distraction. 

If you can relate to being an idea generator and an amazing project starter but have a hard time completing what you started, you won’t want to miss this episode. 

In this episode, we dive into:

  • What bright shiny object syndrome is and what it's a bigger sign of
  • Why modern entrepreneurship leads to feeling distracted
  • Determining if something is an awesome opportunity or just a distraction
  • Why entrepreneurs self-sabotage
  • What core needs aren’t being met when we chase after shiny pennies
  • Consciously choosing vs. thoughtlessly agreeing
  • The brain bias which makes us think we can do more than we can 
  • The strengths and challenges that come from having ADHD
  • Ways to support your clients or team members with ADHD

Connect with Amber:

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