E33 Create an Aligned Relationship with Money with Aimee LaLiberte

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How is your relationship with money? If you would check “complicated” at best you won’t want to miss Episode 33 of The Lean Out Your Business Podcast where I interview Aimee LaLiberte, Founder of My Virtual CFO, a company designed to help small business owners get a handle on their finances so they can see their big visions come to life, because let’s be honest, most small business owners didn’t start their business because they loved bookkeeping.

Aimee worked for colleges and non-profits for the first twenty years of her career where she helped build out fundraising campaigns and manage backend money systems. It was during this time that she realized small business owners were missing this money management knowledge and she decided to change that.

Today, through My Virtual CFO, Aimee helps small business owners uncover blind spots, course correct and get more profitable while helping them build their confidence and unwavering drive to attract and build wealth.

Aimee follows the Profit First principles and is a certified life and money coach. If there are only three things you take away from this interview, she hopes it’s this:

  1. No matter what your income statement or bank account says, money is neutral
  2. You’re exactly where you need to be
  3. Any money goal that you set is available to you

Although it’s true that any money goal you set is available to you, it’s also true that you’re going to have to do some work to reach that goal. For you it might look like opening some new bank accounts and being consistent with managing your money, it might look like doing the mindset work of acknowledging you are worthy just because you exist, it might mean retraining your brain to focus on believing your goal is possible or it may mean changing your vantage point and behaviors, realizing, as the saying goes, “that what got you here, won’t get you there,” this last one is especially true if you’re looking to scale your business from 6 to 7 figures.

If you want to succeed you must be willing to retrain your mindset and at certain times you may even need to reinvent or reimagine your business.


In this episode, we dive into:

  • What a basic money management system looks like
  • Why you need to put profit first
  • The number one barrier keeping entrepreneurs from following the profit first system
  • How you can separate your self-worth from your business’ bottom line
  • The thoughts that prevent us from achieving our financial goals
  • Why feeling overwhelmed is a choice


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