E129 Increasing Revenue by Shifting How We Think About Money with Becky Clabaugh

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What is your relationship with money? How does this relationship impact the way you are making money?  And how do you improve and leverage this relationship?

Money is one of the significant sources of stress for all of us and it can trigger a range of emotions. However, as an entrepreneur, developing a positive relationship with money is essential to unlock your path to financial and business success. And that starts with recognizing the bugaboos you carry about money and then taking the actionable steps to overcome those bugaboos. Because if we don't emotionally regulate the bugaboos or potential hang-ups in our money, we risk the financial stability of our business.

Today's episode is going to be really valuable, because I am interviewing Becky Clabaugh. She is a transformation coach in money mindset and emotional regulation expert. She specializes in helping women break through income plateaus. And she has a degree in health and human services, with a minor in holistic health and wellness education. So, she really deeply understands how to move through negative emotions which can block your revenue generating activities. Tune in the episode to learn more about how you can expand your relationship with money to effectively prosper your business!

“I personally believe that when you're emotionally regulated, that is the secret sauce to making money. Because when you're emotionally regulated, that's how it makes it so much easier to work with people like yourself.”  - Becky Clabaugh


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  •  The role that subconscious plays in money
  •  Examples of bugaboos and how can you avoid it
  •  Emotional freedom technique
  •  How to leverage inspired action
  •  Steps to developing a good mindset in money


Connect with Becky:

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