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Why Your Business Needs a Lean Content Marketing System In Order To Scale Sustainably

Content marketing is critical when growing and scaling your business, but it can easily become overly complex and borderline unmanageable. 

The Lean Content Marketing System shows you how to simplify and systematize your content approach. It helps you get clear on the best type of content to create considering the customer journey, how to play to your unique strengths, and how to strategically repurpose content to double your results in half the time. 

Creating content doesn't need to be all-consuming or draining when you leverage the Lean Content Marketing System.

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Here's a sneak peek into what we include in our Lean Content Marketing System

  • Customer-Centric Content Marketing
  • Defining Your Aligned Content Style
  • Standing Out with a Polarizing Point of View
  • Choosing Your Core Channel
  • Content Idea Generator
  • Strategic Repurposing Strategy
  • Optimizing Your Content for Maximum Results 
  • Creative Content That Attracts
  • Connection Content That Nurtures
  • Compelling Content That Converts
  • Simple Content Management Tools and Templates
  • Systematizing and Automating Your Content Management
  • 12 Month Content and Marketing Roadmap
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Brand-isms - colors, fonts, graphics, terminology
  • Content Targets, KPIs, and Measures
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The backbone of every system is based on the 4 pillars of the Lean Out Method - Context, Clarity, Commitment, and Kaizen

Here are the business questions that the Lean Content Marketing System answers:

  • Context:
    • What is our unique and polarizing point of view?
    • Who are we speaking to with our content?
    • What problems or opportunities does our target market have?
  • Clarity:
    • Where and when do we publish content?
    • What systems and tools do we use to create and schedule content?
    • What content do we publish?
    • What content is needed to support upcoming launches and events?
  • Commitment:
    • How do we show up consistently even if we don't know what to say?
    • What are the key elements to a great piece of content we can be proud to publish?
  • Kaizen:
    • What do we measure to ensure our content is connecting, converting, and generating the intended results?
    • How do we optimize our content for maximum reach and conversions?

The Lean Content Marketing System is one of 9 interconnected engines that comprise the Lean Business Scaling System™.

Interested in implementing the Lean Business Scaling System™ and leaning out your content marketing approach for greater results in less time?