Redefining Success in Business

loyb podcast sustainable success Nov 22, 2021

Imagine this… you are grabbing a chai latte with your business bestie at the start of the new year and reflecting back on 2021.   


Are you excited and celebrating your success with her?   


Or are you downright exhausted thinking back on what it took to achieve that "success" and dreading having to do it all over again to keep on growing and scaling in the new year? 


So often we look at our numbers, our achievements, and the checks we placed in all the boxes as the measure of success. 

But what is that success costing you? Did you work all day every day to achieve those results? Have you skipped every holiday, every invitation you had for time with friends and family because you were chasing your goals?

I dive into redefining success in business to consider HOW you achieve your goals, including:

  • Traps to avoid that lead to chronic overwork
  • Why success can’t be solely measured in accomplishments
  • 4 questions to ask yourself to redefine success
  • How to get your time back and stay focused on your zone of genius
  • The incredible value of including your team in your reviews
  • Why reflection is important if you want to achieve different results


Tune into Episode 47 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast or keep reading below.


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A deep dive into the 4 questions that can help you redefine success

What are you most proud of and what went really well?

This will help you see the things you are doing well and how much you have achieved. This is a question to ask yourself as often as you like so you can stay positive and give yourself the pat on your back you deserve for your accomplishments.

What lessons did you learn and didn't go as well as expected?

While it might not feel as good to think about things going poorly look for the lessons you learned along the way. Sometimes there have to be setbacks in order to pull back for fast acceleration. The skills you learned during a hard time are often even more valuable than your skills when things are going well.

What do you want to continue or do more of in business?

Which things fill up your heart and soul and give you the most fulfillment in your business? What do you enjoy doing the most and what could you do in order to keep doing it and doing even more of it. What keeps you in your zone of genius the most.

What do you want to eliminate or lean out and do less of in business?

What can you take off your plate or just quit doing altogether? These are the things you can outsource to a team, freelancers, or if they have no real value in your life or business you simply just say no and drop those things.

Redefining Success. Click To Tweet.


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