Profitable Business Growth with Accelerate It!

Profitable Business Growth with Accelerate Now!

business growth loyb podcast May 23, 2023

With the endless array of activities we can do to grow our business, how do we know which are the right ones to focus on?

The reality is that only 20% of our actions drive 80% of our results. 

Meaning that there are a whole lot of activities that are potentially wasting our time, money, and energy, because they are failing to move-the-needle.

In this week's special episode, I am joined by three amazing business experts to talk about what gets in the way of profitable business growth.

Join Marcia Riner, Darrell Evans, Annie P Ruggles, and myself as we discuss avoiding the most common mistakes that can stall business growth.

From focusing on the right things to creating a clear vision, we share valuable insights and actionable ideas to help you take your business to the next level.


Listen to learn: 

🔹How to get clear on what drives revenue, profit, results and impact

🔹The #1 problem that sabotages your lead generation

🔹Where you are missing potential leads and how to easily fix it

🔹What small incremental changes have the biggest impact on your bottom line


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"A clear next level vision will simplify every decision you make and every action you take in your business. It allows you to focus on the critical 20% of things that drive 80% of your results - revenue, profit, fulfillment, and impact." -Crista Grasso


Darrell Evans is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and is the Co-founder/CEO of Yokel Local Internet Marketing, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Las Vegas, NV. He and his teams have helped businesses generate over $300M in revenue online. He’s personally started and/or operated 6 businesses since the age of 20. He's also the host of The MindShift Podcast and is the Founder of the Growth Driven Entrepreneur Community and the MindShift Business Academy where he trains business owners on his signature growth frameworks.


Marcia Riner is a business growth strategist, certified financial planner®️, and the CEO of Infinite Profit Consulting based in California working with businesses all over the country. She is a 3X published author, host of PROFIT With A Plan podcast, and engaging speaker.

For over a decade, Annie P. Ruggles has harnessed her Hulk-like disdain for hard-sales, tacky self-promotion, and overly competitive sleazeballs as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their small businesses. As Founder of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy & Quirk Works Consulting, she's guided hundreds of people toward making deeper connections, lasting impressions, and friendlier, more lucrative transactions and conversations. Her pride and joy is her podcast, Too Legitimate to Quit: Instantly Actionable Small Business Strategies with a Pop Culture Spin.

Ready to simplify and streamline how you scale your business?

by Crista Grasso

Crista Grasso is the go-to strategic planning expert for leading global businesses and online entrepreneurs when they want to scale.  Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact to scale a business simply and sustainably. She specializes in helping businesses gain clarity on the most important things that will drive maximum value for their clients and maximum profits for their business.  She is the creator of the Lean Out Method, 90 Day Lean Out Planner, and host of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast


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