LOYB 18 | Successful Summer

Get Your Business Ready For A Successful Summer

loyb podcast May 03, 2021

Many people change up their schedules during summer. While some people slow down to take time off to go on vacation, others do the opposite and double down, taking the opportunity to ramp things up while the others are slowing down. One thing that's consistent across most businesses is that the schedule does shift, and things change a little bit in the summer. Are you going to be making changes in your business this summer? In this podcast episode, I will share with you how to get your business ready for a summer shift!

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Decide what your schedule is going to look like for the Summer
  • Example of how Crista helped one of her clients shift from a 5-day workweek down to a 4-day workweek
  • Consider any vacation time for summer
  • Build out your plan for what you are going to launch/promote in your business during the summer
  • Crista’s business plan for this summer
  • One-day business intensive with Crista
  • Tips on how to enjoy and plan your summer 


Tune into Episode 18 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast or keep reading below.


Get Your Business Ready For A Successful Summer

We are going to be diving in on how to get your business ready for the summer shift. I am going to share with you some behind the scenes in what I am doing in my own business to get ready for the summer shift and what you can do to get your business ready for summer.

Here are some things you should do to have a successful summer in your business:

1. Decide what your schedule is going to look like for summer 

Is your schedule going to be the same as always or are you going to start your days a little earlier and wrap up a little bit earlier? Are you going to change your workweek, and do a four-day workweek instead of doing a five-day workweek? 

You need to know how much time you have available, so you know what you can commit to, so you do not over-commit yourself and end up bleeding into all that time that you wanted to set aside for whatever summer means for you.

2. Consider any vacation time 

Are you planning to take a couple of weeks off from your business this summer? You're going to want to make sure that your business is set up for you to be able to step away, making sure that you are leveraging your team, as well as using those systems that you've put in place.

3. Have a plan on what you will be launching/promoting over the summer

What are you going to be launching over the summer? What products, offers, or services are you going to be promoting? What can you put in place and set up now?

“Leaning out your business starts with clarity. What are those things that matter most right now?” - Crista Grasso Click To Tweet

Here is what you can do:

Create evergreen content

Over the summer, I am turning one of my live webinars into an evergreen webinar. When you have evergreen content, you create it once and when people register they get instant access. This will take some time to prepare beforehand but once it’s completed it will all be automated over the summer.

Automate your services/offers

Think about what particular services, offers or products will be generating revenue in your business during summer and what you can do with them from an automation or systems perspective to set yourself up so it's not dependent on you to work in the moment. Having all your offers automated will free up your time to focus on what you want to do this summer.

Leverage your team or grow a team

Now is a great time to be growing your team before summer. You have an opportunity to get new team members onboarded and able to pick things up and run with them. If you already have a team, work with them on what content can be done in advance to automate and turn things evergreen where you can. This will help you get consistent recurring revenue in daily sales in your business during the summer.

If you do not have all these systems placed in your business yet, this is such a great opportunity to take the time and map out what that will look like. If you need help with that, my one-day business intensives are an amazing opportunity. I am opening up some spaces for those people who want to get ready for summer. If that interests you, reach out and ill make sure to support you on that. 

Say no to something you don't want to say no to

If you want to work 30 hours a week over the summer and you've got 40 hours a week worth of activities to do, you've got to find ten hours a week or more to say no to. You either have to accept that you're going to have to put some things on hold that you would like to do, or you are going to have to accept that you're going to be working more than you wanted to work.

“You need to know how much time you have available, so you know realistically what you can commit to, so you do not over-commit yourself.” - Crista Grasso Click To Tweet

The 2 goals for you and your business this summer are to:

Enjoy your summer. You do not want the hamster wheel in your mind going at all points in time so that even when you're trying to take time away from your business, your brain is stuck in your business and you're constantly thinking about the things that you need to do and not being present and fully enjoying the summer.

The key is when you're working, you want to be as productive as possible and all-in as possible. When you're not working, you want to be completely checked out, present in the moment, enjoying your summer.

Generate revenue every single day in your business. You do not want revenue to slow down over the summer just because you take some time off. The goal is that even if you are checked out or you are working less, your business is still working hard for you.

“Make sure that your business is set up for you to be able to step away. Leverage your team and any system you've put in place.” - Crista Grasso Click To Tweet

Over the holidays and summer, people tend to slow down their business. That’s the perfect opportunity to double down in your business because it allows you to reach people when there's less noise in the market. 

There's much noise, especially in the online digital space, that if you ever get a moment where there's a little bit less noise, that gives you a great opportunity, and all of that comes with preparation and having systems in place.

“The key is when you're not working, you want to be completely checked out, present in the moment, fully enjoying the summer." - Crista Grasso Click To Tweet

What changes will you be making to your business this summer? 


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by Crista Grasso

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