Avoid This Mistake When Launching Your Planner

create a planner Feb 24, 2021

One of the decisions you will need to make when deciding to create a planner is how and when to launch it.

There is a very big misperception that the best time to launch and sell planners is around the beginning of the year - November, December, January timeframe.

For a lot of reasons that is actually the most challenging time of the year to launch.  Not only can you, and should you, sell your planner all year long, but it is often better to launch your product outside of the busy and highly competitive holiday rush.

Let me share a story with you to illustrate this.  

There is an entrepreneur who recently launched a planner for her business and she did pretty much everything I advise people NOT to do when launching their very first planner. 

I could see the train wreck coming because I've seen this with many others as well.  So what did she do?

  • She launched a DATED planner as her very first product
  • She marketed and sold that product during the most competitive and costly time of the year - Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  • She accepted pre-orders (which I DO recommend) and committed to shipping the product in December with delivery before the new year
Can you guess what happened?
People didn't get their DATED planners until the end of January / beginning of February. 
That's a whole lot of unhappy customers who now have a terrible impression of her and her business which is really unfortunate because she created a great product. 
The most unfortunate thing is that this could have all been avoided.  I know the printer she worked with. It's the same printer a lot of people work with, and they are notorious for shipping products late. 

Here's what I would have advised her to do if she had been part of my Planner Academy or one of my private clients:

  • I would have advised her to go UNDATED for her very 1st product.  There are times when dated make sense and I go into if you should create a dated or undated planner in this post, but in her specific case, I would have advised undated because her timeline was too tight and her risk was way too high that she wouldn't be able to deliver the product to her customers before the start of the new year.


  • I would have advised her to work with a different printer. I know exactly which printer I would have recommended based on her product. And she would have gotten the product to her customer by the end of the year if she did (plus she could have gotten better pricing and been able to charge less for the planner).

While there were so many things she did right, and in the end she created a really beautiful and amazing planner, unfortunately what most people remember is that they got their product late. 
And in many cases they are not even using the planner because they went out and bought another planner so they had something they could use starting in January which means she is missing out on customer reviews, feedback, and repeat purchases.

So when is the right time to launch your planner?

The simple answer is as soon as possible.  

Avoid the mistake of thinking you can only launch at the end of the year believing that you will sell more products or make higher profits.  When launching a brand new product, I find it is usually the opposite because you are trying to market and sell your product during the most competitive, noisy, and costly time of the year.   

Best of all, if you launch the first release of your product earlier in the year, you will have the opportunity to incorporate changes for your second release, which can be closer to the start of the new year if you decide you want that. 

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When do you plan to launch your planner? 

Comment below.



by Crista Grasso

Known as the "Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact RIGHT NOW to grow and scale your business. As a lean business consultant, she specializes in helping businesses gain clarity and focus through strategy, planning, and lean practices. She is the creator of the Lean Out Method and the 90-Day Lean Out Planner, and is also the founder of the global accessories brand Criscara Jewelry.


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