January 16th - 18th in San Diego, CA


A powerful 3-day immersive workshop focused on:

Strategy ✧ Planning ✧ Transformation ✧ Next-Level Results


About the Retreat

As business owners, we often get so busy running our business that we don’t make enough time for ourselves. It’s hard enough to find the time to work ON our business, let alone make time for a vacation. Well, it's time that changes, don't you think?

It will be the best investment you will make this year - in your business, and in yourself.

One part luxurious destination retreat + One part strategic planning workshop

Expect an unforgettable experience full of breakthrough moments and game changer experiences as you strategically plan your next 90 days of growth and profitability.

Join a small circle of committed business owners in sunny San Diego.  We intentionally keep each retreat small so each attendee gets personalized attention and insight into their plan for the year and the next 90 days.

No fluff, Real results

What's Different About This Event

We are all about blending the practical with the transformational, and focus on you stepping into more of the visionary leader role that your business needs in order to level up.
  • It's not about doing more, it's about finding the few things that will make the biggest impact and optimizing the shit out of them.
  • You won't walk away with an overwhelming list of things to do, you will leave with a whole lot of clarity and focus, and a roadmap for success and scale for YOUR business.
  • With uninterrupted space and dedicated focus time, you will build out your 90-day plan that you can start taking action on right away.  
  • You will be in good company with a small intimate group of powerhouse women who are trail blazers, dream chasers and magic makers.

Action Packed Days

This isn't an event that is all talk with you taking notes and trying to keep up (or worse, trying to keep awake). 

This is hands on, action packed, and beautifully intense.  You will spend 3 full days working ON your business and building your plan for the next 90 days focused on profitability and sustainable success. 

But don't worry, we've built in plenty of time for fun and decompression too.  


Time for Reflection & Rejuvenation

The days will require for you to dig deep.  The nights will allow for reflection and rejuvenation. 

There will be time to relax and reflect on your business and on everything you experienced that day while enjoying the hot tub or taking in the breathtaking views from the patio.  On the 1st night, plan to spend the evening enjoying conversations and cocktails with other attendees at the poolside social. 

We are all about Lean + Luxe and the retreat provides both.


Clarity and Focus

You will leave this event with the clarity and focus you need to make the next 90 days successful beyond your wildest imagination. 

Expect some serious breakthroughs and game changer moments, and an action plan that is fully aligned to the big vision and goals you have for your business.


The Location

Located in San Diego, this private space has a luxe resort vibe with its saltwater pool, hot tub, and breathtaking views. Combined with its comfortable and homey interior, it's the perfect space to disconnect and focus on the next level of your business.

Your Investment

  • $2,500 $1,500 (special early bird pricing through 12/02; travel and accommodations not included)

  • Yes, you can bring your team; save $500 per attendee when bringing a team of 2 or more


Are You In?

We'd love to have you join us and start off the new DECADE right!

That's right, 2020 is not only a new year but it is also a new decade.  Let's make it your most successful year (and decade) yet!

By application only, we hand select attendees and intentionally keep each retreat small so each attendee gets personalized attention and insight into their plan for the year and the next 90 days to optimize results.

You will be amazed at the quality of women who attend the planning retreat and we hope you are one of them! 

Apply below and we will get back to you within 3 business days.


Sneak Peek Inside the 3 Days

Explore the high level agenda below

Sneak Peek Inside The 3 Days

Explore the high level agenda below.



THURSDAY 1/16 | 8:30am - 6:30pm

Welcome Breakfast

Vision Quest Workshop

Lunch Break

Bucket, Fuckit, CHuCK-it Workshop

Cocktail Reception

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FRIDAY 1/17 | 8:30am - 6:30pm

Passion + Profit Plan Workshop

Lunch + Private Photo Op

2020 Roadmap and 90-Day Plan Workshops

Rest + Rejuvenation: Reflection Stations + Spa Treatments!

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SATURDAY 1/18 | 8:30am-4pm

GROMPS Workshop

Success Hacks

The Art of Kaizen

Plan Commitment

Celebration + Swag

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More About The Event

Expect to leave this 3 day retreat with:

  • A clear vision for the year and your next level of business growth
  • A roadmap of the major projects, and marketing campaigns that will result in you achieving your big bold goals
  • A profit-focused and lean 90-day plan; best of all, you will know exactly which activities to focus on and which to cut so you can achieve more by doing less
  • Relationships with other powerhouse women
  • Some serious swag to keep the positive momentum going, like our 90-day Lean Out Planner
  • Photos for social and web!  We have a full-time photographer with us all 3 days and attendees will not only get access to some of the event photos, but everyone will get a personal mini-photoshoot so you can start the year off with fresh content

Meet Your Host and Leader

Crista Grasso is a serial entrepreneur, lean business consultant, coach, and accessory brand owner. Crista has been helping businesses achieve accelerated results through lean practices and strategic planning for 2 decades.  

She strongly believes that simplicity and focus are the keys to crafting a superior business, and she is on a mission to help businesses lean out so they can accelerate sales and scale to uncharted heights.  She created the Lean Out Method and the 90-day Lean Out Planner to do just that.


Frequently Asked Questions

This retreat is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are seriously committed to growing their business in 2020.

Although any business owner would benefit from this event, it will be most beneficial for those who have moved past the start-up stage of business and are ready for next-level growth and scaling. 

If you have your products/services, and a customer base and you now want to accelerate sales and profitability (and learn how to do so without adding more to your already overfull plate), then this event is for you!

Any type of business is welcome and current attendees include product and service based businesses and coaches. 

The Retreat is 3 days, Thursday January 16th - Saturday January 18th.  Each day's content builds upon the prior day so it is important that you are able to attend all 3 days. 

We recommend you travel to San Diego on Wednesday so you can be well rested and start fresh at 8:30am on Thursday.  We recommend that you plan to leave on Sunday, or after 7:30pm Saturday evening.

The retreat location is a short 20 minute drive from San Diego International Airport (SAN).

There are many hotels within miles of the location - search for hotels near La Mesa San Diego.  Here are a few options at a variety of price points:

Dress however you want!  There is no dress code for this event, just show up as you.  Layers will be helpful as we will transition between inside and outside throughout the day.

There will be photos taken each day so take that into consideration when packing.

We also encourage you to pack a bathing suit if you would like to take advantage of the beautiful salt-water pool and hot tub during or after our poolside cocktail reception.

Absolutely!  We want to make sure this event is a good fit for everyone, so please submit an application and we will be in touch to schedule a call to answer all of your questions.


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