Hey Visionary CEOis this you?

You question if you and your team are focused on the right things that will move you closer to your big goals...

You sometimes wonder exactly what it is that your team is doing and why everything still requires your oversight or input...

You feel like you are working way too much yet your results don't reflect your efforts...

You want to end this year strong, set yourself up for success and scale in the new year, AND get to actually enjoy the holidays without working...

Q4 not only defines how you will end THIS year, but it also defines how you will start 2024.

You want to have the clarity and confidence that you will achieve your big bold goals and revenue targets successfully...

Instead of feeling perpetually behind and putting loads of pressure on yourself and your team to end this year and start next year strong.  

All it takes is developing a solid strategic plan.

That's what we do together inside Propel.

I'm so ready to propel my business forward in Q4!

PROPEL is a 90-Day Strategic Planning Circle that enables you to achieve more in 90 days than most people do in a full year, but WITHOUT working more.

We simplify strategic planning.

Created by a Visionary CEO for Other Visionary CEOs.

Get the results you want without the overly complicated process.
We get that planning may not be what gets you out of bed in the morning...

But those results you want? 

The clarity, visibility, and confidence that you and your team are working on the right things that will successfully achieve your goals and revenue targets?

That comes from strategic planning.

Planning is the bridge between possibility and probability

Forget boring & complicated strategic planning sessions that you dread! 


With our simple, effective, and lean framework, you may just learn to love planning!

You'll certainly enjoy the clarity, visibility, and results it provides you.

We keep things simple with two laser-focused sessions to develop a strategic plan that delivers results and ensures you're focused on the right things at the right time!

Inside Propel, we meet for 2 interactive workshops to:
  • Give you and your team a roadmap that shows exactly what to prioritize

  • Help you create an actionable and vision-aligned plan

You will complete your Q4 planning before the end of September...

So you can step into Q4 ready to finish the year strong with clarity on what needs to be done when and by who. 

We designed Propel to be lightweight and include everything you need... and nothing you don't.

We are all about keeping things simple and lean, while being highly impactful and results-focused!

Plus, you'll learn and implement techniques you can use on repeat so you are continuously achieving your big bold goals and revenue targets!

Crista is a business scaling strategist, and a lean and agile strategic planning and systems expert with more than 2 decades of experience working with small businesses and multi-billion dollar Fortune 50 companies. 

She is the creator of the Lean Out Method® and the Lean Business Scaling System™ which she designed specifically for small businesses who want to scale to multiple-7 and 8 figures in simple and sustainable ways. 

Her 1-on-1 strategic advisory and transformational group programs and retreats help you eliminate unnecessary complexity and build a business that isn't dependent on you through simple systems and a rockstar team so you can step into your next level of visionary leadership and dramatically increase your impact and profitability while regaining time back in your week.

She is passionate about helping businesses make their big bold vision and goals a reality in the most aligned and simple way possible.

Success Simplified with The Lean Out Method

Set CONTEXT so you know where you are going and why it is important

Gain CLARITY on the right things to be doing right now in your business

Make a COMMITMENT to do whatever it takes to achieve your big bold vision

Practice KAIZEN and continuously reflect and improve in order to grow


2 Live & Interactive Workshops to Plan For a Wildly Successful Q4

  • 9/21: CONTEXT Workshop and Kick Off (2 Hours): 2pm - 4pm ET / 11am - 1pm PT
    • Kick Off and Connecting Vision to Execution Fundamentals
    • Q3 Reflection
    • Aligning Goals and Revenue Targets to Your Vision and Rich Fulfilled Life 
  • 9/28: CLARITY & COMMITMENT Workshop (2-Hours): 2pm - 4pm ET / 11am - 1pm PT
    • Creating Your Capacity-Based 90 Day Q4 Plan
    • Multiplying Your Time - How to Get More Done in Less Time
    • Inspired Ownership - Leveraging Your Team to Generate Results Without You

You'll leave the workshops with an actionable plan you can share with your team.

2 Progress and Pivot Review Sessions

The reality is that even the best laid plans can change when unexpected things happen. That doesn't mean that you don't create a plan. It means that you create a plan that is adaptable and you dedicate time to review progress and pivot when needed.

That's why we meet each month to refine your plan for the coming month and assess progress, celebrate wins, and incorporate pivots and changes as needed so you never let something unexpected get in the way of your results!  

  • 10/26: Progress Review and November Planning - 2pm - 3:00pm ET / 11am - 12:00pm PT 

  • 11/23: Progress Review and December Planning - 2pm - 3:00pm ET / 11am - 12:00pm PT

1 End of Quarter Review and Celebration

Together, we'll take time to celebrate your wins, identify what you've learned so you know what you want to bring with you into the new year and what you want to leave behind.
  • 1/4: End of Quarter Kaizen Review and Retrospective - 2pm - 3:30pm ET / 11am - 12:30pm PT

90 Days of Open Office Hours for Situational Support and Q&A

There are open office hours every Thursday from 2pm - 3pm ET / 11am - 12pm PT so you can pop in for situational support and Q&A whenever you need it.

Leverage as many or as few of the office hour sessions as you need.  They are there to help keep you accountable, celebrate wins, and work through issues and challenges when they arise. 

Office hours are hosted by Jordan Eades, a serial entrepreneur who scaled and sold an 8-figure business and is now Lean Out Method's COO and Strategy and Operations Leader (SOL).

Access to the Rich Fulfilled Life and Next-Level Vision Digital Programs

You get access to our proprietary Rich Fulfilled Life Blueprint Framework which helps you build your entire ecosystem for sustainable success.

The RFL framework helps you determine what's most important to you in both business and in life and align your business model to your next level so you can grow and scale your business without having to give up your personal life to do so. 

Access to the Lean Out Method® Digital Program for Your Team

We give both you and your team access to the Lean Out Method digital program which walks you through our proven and highly effective lean strategic planning and productivity system that balances structure with flexibility and will help you cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can create a scalable, profitable, and sustainably successful business without working 24x7 and giving up your personal life, health, and freedom for your next level of business success. 

90 Day Lean Out Planner

We will send you a beautiful 90-day Lean Out Planner that you can use to stay laser focused all throughout Q4.

It is designed to help you eliminate overwork and overwhelm, and gain clarity and confidence that you are working on the right things right now to achieve your vision and goals and acts as your workbook for what we do together inside Propel.

Prefer digital?  We'll also send you a digital version that you can load onto your iPad, Android tablet, or ReMarkable. 

1. Get Started Today Defining Your Rich Fulfilled Life and Upleveling Your Vision 

You get instant access to the Rich Fulfilled Life (RFL) and Next Level Vision program as well as the Lean Out Method (LOM) program as soon as you register so you are able to come to the 1st planning workshop with your vision and RFL defined.  We grant your team access to LOM so they can support you with implementing your plan.

2. Join Us for the Live and Interactive Workshops to Build Your Q4 Strategic Plan

Join us live for 2 interactive workshops to connect your vision to the day to day activities your team is focused on in Q4 and beyond.  Then join us for a mid and end of quarter progress and pivot review session to celebrate wins and adjust and adapt your plan as needed so you stay on track to achieve your goals.

You have your choice of joining exclusively for Q4, or joining for a full year of strategic planning support, spanning Q4 2023 through Q3 2024

We officially kick off the next cohort in September, but when you join now, you get instant access to the Rich Fulfilled Life Blueprint, Next Level Vision and Values, and Lean Out Method Digital Programs to set yourself up for success.
PLUS AS A BONUS, we'll include a private 1-on-1 strategic advisory call when you join before 8/1/23.

Q4 2023


or 2 payments of $1000

(1) 90 Day Cycle

  • 2 Live & Interactive Workshops to Plan For a Wildly Successful Q4
  • 90 Days Access to Open Office Hours for Situational Support and Q&A
  • 90 Days Access to the Rich Fulfilled Life and Next-Level Vision Digital Program
  • 90 Days Access to the Lean Out Method Digital Program for Your Team
  • Monthly Planning and Progress and Pivot Review Sessions
  • End of Quarter Review and Celebration Session
  • 1 90-Day Lean Out Planner 

Multi-pay option available at checkout


Q4 2023 - Q3 2024

$8000 $6000

or 12 Payments of $500

(4) 90 Day Cycles

  • Live & Interactive Workshops to Set Yourself Up for Success Every Quarter
  • A Full Year's Access to Open Office Hours for Situational Support and Q&A
  • Lifetime Access to the Rich Fulfilled Life and Next-Level Vision Digital Program
  • Lifetime Access to the Lean Out Method Digital Program for Your Team
  • Monthly Planning and Progress and Pivot Reviews
  • 4 End of Quarter Reviews and Retrospectives
  • 4 90-Day Lean Out Planners
  • Get 4 Quarters of Propel for the Price of 3 and Save $2000

Multi-pay option available at checkout

Have questions? Let's chat! Schedule a call with Team Lean Out Method here.

When You Join Propel, You'll Leave With...

  • A deeper understanding of your Rich Fulfilled Life and next-level vision and what's important to you inside and outside your business

  • Clarity on the most aligned and high-impact activities to achieve your vision and goals and which things to "lean out" and let go of

  • A capacity-based plan you can be confident can be achieved without overworking and having to give up your holidays

  • Clarity on what support you need from your team to implement on your plan 

  • Accountability for a full 90 days so you can stay focused on what matters most

  • Support when you need it most so nothing gets in the way of achieving your goals and revenue targets and having a wildly successful Q4 and end of 2023


Lean and Agile Strategic Planning and Systems Expert, Founder of Lean Out Method

Leader of Propel 

Business Growth Coach, Scaled and Sold an 8-Figure Business, Ops Expert, COO for Lean Out Method

Leader of the Weekly Situational Support Calls


Working with you was a game changer for me. You helped me see what the roadmap was and the things I could cut out.

I now take Fridays off. I stop work at 5pm.

You have that amazing system that makes me focus each 90 days on the one thing. I realized how much I don’t need to be doing.

I now do two things - that’s it - simple. I can spend time in my zone of genius and not my zone of competence.

What Crista helped me do is take all the noise in my business and distill it down, figure out my priorities, and chart out a strategy that enables me to focus on what's important.

When I am working with Crista, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have a clear vision of where I need to go.

I feel so much more grounded in my business after working with Crista. It's been a such a pleasure to work with her on mapping out my business and getting much clearer on my business goals.

It's wonderful to have someone who can really find the sweet spot of what you're challenged with in your business and help you crawl out and make sense of it, and get more simplified and more clear on how you want to be working in your business. 

I have a game plan moving forward of what I’m going to do in my business.

Things I kind of already knew I was going to do, but now I actually have the activities and the actual quarterly game plan that is there to help hold me accountable to achieving my goals.

So, if you’re looking to level up you your business and simplify if – this is the key thing – creating more space in your life so you can take care of your mind body and soul, and have a plan to achieve your financial goals, I can’t recommend Crista more.

Crista's method has taught me that small focused goals lead to the big picture and the vision, and the reality is you accomplish more with less.

In the beginning of my journey, I would flounder, push out other ideas, create more work, more avenues, Crista reeled me in every time. We went back to her Method...and every time it brought me back to my short term goals that I would focus back on and accomplish. I was tired of spending years having new ideas, goals then getting overwhelmed and not completing them or at least not to my liking.

Thank you Crista for being a coach that not only helps propel the business, but propels the person to ensure that wellness and self-care are part of the journey, so I can enjoy the journey, not lose vision and feel great about it along the way.