Achieve More in 90 Days Than You Usually Do In a Full Year With the 90 Day Digital Lean Out Planner

The go-to planner for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to achieve more by doing less.

“It’s like carrying around a business coach with you at all times!” - Megan S.

Get your dated digital planner for Q4 2023 - designed for use on iPad or Android tablet.

Includes instructional videos.

The only planner designed exclusively for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a proven method to help you achieve your biggest goals, scale to the next level, and increase profitability.

So much more than just a planner, the Lean Out Method is a system designed to support you in achieving more by doing less. It will guide you to cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can gain clarity on where to focus your precious time, money and energy, and it will help you create space for whatever matters most to you.

It provides a complete system to eliminate overwork, overwhelm, and confusion, and feel confident that you are working on the right things right now to achieve your vision and goals.

Product Details:

  • Digital planner for use on iPad or Android
  • 13 weeks / 90 days - dated for each quarter
  • 244 Pages
  • Over 150 inspirational and thought-provoking quotes inside
  • Plenty of space and prompts for reflection, including a 30 page journal with 20 lined pages and 10 blank pages for thoughts, ideas & sketches
  • Based on the signature Lean Out Method system
  • Includes instructions for use
  • Includes video training library on key planner concepts


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244 pages in total, we've got 53 of the core pages here for you to explore. 

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Achieve More in 90 Days Than You Usually Do In a Full Year

So Much More Than a Planner

The Lean Out Planner was created exclusively for the small business owner and entrepreneur. 

By leveraging lean practices and strategic planning, it features our signature method to help you lean out so you can level up your business by focusing on what matters most right now and eliminating anything that isn’t adding value to you and your customers.

What you say ‘no’ to is just as important as what you say ‘yes’ to. This is an instrumental theme you’ll find throughout this planner, along with other concepts designed to help you create sustainable success beyond your wildest imagination.

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"I really thrive on clear expectations, achievable goals, and unity of purpose and boy did this planner deliver!  I'm still in shock at the results my team and I were able to achieve in such a short time.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Karin G.

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"I was totally blown away by the amount of valuable information included - it's like taking a college course on entrepreneurship for $50."

- Kate W.

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"This planner gave me so much clarity.  I love the way it started with my vision and kept breaking it down into smaller pieces that feel achievable.  I love knowing that what I am doing every day will help me achieve my goals."

- Casey

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