The proven method to create a profitable planner, workbook, or journal for your business


When I ask people what their biggest questions are when it comes to creating a planner, workbook, or journal for their business, I hear answers like...

Do you have some of these same questions?

If you’ve ever tried doing this on your own, you’ve likely spent hours upon hours watching terrible YouTube videos that don’t have any substance, or ended up scrolling through online forums of planner addicts who are talking about stickers instead of strategy.

The lack of information is staggering - and that’s why I created The Planner Academy for you.

I want to remove all the guesswork and stress work from your journey and give you everything you need to successfully create a profitable planner, workbook, or journal for your business.

The Planner Academy shows you how.

So many entrepreneurs dream of adding a tangible product to their business, but very few ever take the steps to get started.

Even fewer follow through and get it DONE.

Like many projects, they have the best of intentions.  They think they are going to figure it all out on their own...  

But what actually happens is all too common - they struggle to find the right steps to take, and have no one to turn to when issues come up or the dreaded mindset gremlins strike and they start to lose their confidence in launching their product.

They end up overwhelmed or stuck trying to do it alone.

Enter The Planner Academy.

The Planner Academy is your solution to knowing what to do and when to do it.  It gives you all of the steps and resources you need to create a profitable planner, workbook, or journal for your business.

To fast track taking it from just an idea to a tangible product that is generating revenue and bringing new clients into your business.

To not only get it started but to get it DONE, and done far quicker than you could ever do on your own. 

Planner, Workbook, Journal = 'PWJ'

Here's the thing... people want planners, workbooks, and journals.  They want tangible products, now more than ever.

Whether you are looking to diversify your revenue streams by adding a physical product, or you are looking to build an entire business around the planner, workbook, or journal you want to create, PWJs are a highly effective and in-demand strategy in 2023. 

A PWJ helps you stand out from your competitors by having a physical manifestation of your work, something people can hold in their hands and have a daily reminder of you and your brand.

When our businesses exist solely online, it’s far too easy for people to close a browser, never log into a class, or delete an email. 
But when there’s something REAL and TANGIBLE sitting next to them on their desk… much harder to ignore. 

And I want to help you create something that can’t be ignored.


Hi, I'm Crista Grasso.

I’m the creator of the Lean Out Method and the 90-Day Lean Out Planner and founder of the global accessories brand Criscara.

I have spent more than 20 years helping businesses develop highly profitable products and services, accelerate growth, and scale in simple and sustainable ways.  

I have a signature methodology called the Lean Out Method that I’ve used with clients ranging from Fortune 50 businesses to small empires and wanted to scale my work, add another revenue stream, and make sure more of my clients took bold action on the strategies I was teaching - so I created the Lean Out Planner.

After experiencing all of the ups and downs of creating a planner for my own business, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with you to set you up for accelerated success. 


How does The Planner Academy Work?

The Planner Academy is a digital program that guides you through everything you need to create, design and print a planner, workbook, or journal.

When you join, you get instant access to The Planner Academy Curriculum.

It is everything I have learned (the hard, time-consuming, and expensive way) in creating my own 90-Day Planner, and is the ultimate results-focused fast track that makes it easy to know what to do when.

Best of all, you get forever access to the curriculum so you can reference the content again and again as you add additional products or new releases in the future.

The curriculum follows 4 stages:

Here's a sneak peek at what's included in each stage

Goal: Set yourself up for success and get ready to create your PWJ

Key Steps:

  • Decide what you will be creating
  • Define what success looks like
  • Create your ecosystem for success

Goal: Make design decisions and create the content for your PWJ so graphic design can begin

Key Steps:

  • Determine design specs
  • Create your PWJ content (this is the most in depth series of modules)

Goal: Design all of the elements of your PWJ and associated packaging and marketing collateral so you are ready to print your PWJ

Key Steps:

  • Design your PWJ
  • Determine and design packaging, if applicable
  • Determine and design marketing collateral, if applicable
  • Print your proofs

Goal: Place Purchase Orders and print your PWJ so you are ready to begin selling

Key Steps:

  • Finalize your PWJ + packaging
  • Submit orders
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In addition to all the modules under the 4 core stages, there are 3 bonus sections with modules to further accelerate your results and amplify your success.

Goal: Understand the relationship between sales price, PWJ cost, and sales volume early enough to influence design decisions so you hit your price and profitability targets 

Key Steps:

  • Set your targets
  • Understand your costs 
  • Determine your pricing
  • Project your sales volume

Goal: Define who you will be working with to bring your PWJ to life

Key Steps:

  • Evaluate and identify which external partners you need
  • Choose your printer
  • Choose your other external partners such as graphic designer, packaging provider, etc.

Goal: Determine which sales and marketing strategies you will be using so you can successfully begin to sell your product

Key Steps:

  • Determine how and where you will sell your PWJ 
  • Leverage reviews and feedback
  • Leverage super fans
  • Paid advertising and organic marketing campaigns
  • Pre-sell and launch your product
  • Update and release new versions

Whether you want to go at your own pace or double down and get your planner created in the next 90 days, our bonus planner in 90-days checklist gives you a step-by-step plan to create your planner, including what to do when if you want to get it created in 90 days.

"I can't believe how much valuable content is included.  I would have paid the same amount just for the bonus content!" - Marisa M.

Ready to Create Your Planner, Workbook, or Journal? Let's do this! 

$497 $297 USD

  • Forever access to the Planner Academy Curriculum to create, design, & print your PWJ
  • Access to the Bonus Modules including Setting Your Sales Targets & Pricing, Building Your Partner Team, and Sales & Marketing Strategies for Success
  • Calculators and checklists to simplify the process
  • Printer resource guide to select the best printer for your specific PWJ
  • Content upgrades for life


When you join Planner Academy, you will get access to 2 special bonuses:

1. Replay of the Build Your Profitable Holiday Launch and Promotion Plan Workshop to set yourself up for a successful launch and holiday selling season

2. Access to modules on How to Create a DIGITAL Planner, Workbook, or Journal for iPad and Android Tablets - a great option if you don't want to invest in printing right now, or if you want to offer both a digital and printed version of your product

Is The Planner Academy Right For You?

Who This Is For

‚úĒ Coaches, consultants, content creators, service providers and entrepreneurs who want to create a planner, workbook, or journal and want to know what to do when to fast track their results

‚úĒ Motivated & driven professionals who show up to level up and leave no room for excuses

‚úĒ Those with a budget to manage the overhead to create a planner, workbook, or journal - including investment in the Academy as well as graphic design, printing of the product, etc.

Who This Is Not For

‚úĖ Those who want to create a full product suite day 1 (i.e. multiple products with ALL the embellishments)... We focus specifically on creating and printing planners, workbooks, and journals. 

‚úĖ Those expecting overnight success or "passive income" and who think creating a PWJ is going to instantly generate 6 or 7 figures in revenue with minimal work


"Is the planner market too saturated?"  

I get asked this question a lot.  Along with:

"What if someone else already created something similar to what I want to create?"
"Why would someone buy my planner over all the others that are well known on the market?"

If you've been wondering the same thing, let me start by answering the question with a question:  do you have an original idea for your PWJ? 
I'm sure you do. 
  • Maybe it's a signature method or offer that you use in your business with existing clients?
  • Or a proprietary process you use yourself that you know other people would get tons of value from?
  • Or a gap in the market or with other planners that you see clear-as-day that you think would be a game changer if you filled it with your PWJ?
No matter what makes your idea original, there is one more thing to consider - there is no one else exactly like YOU. 

You have your own 
experience that you bring to the table that is different from the experiences others with planners bring to the table.  You have your own style and way of communicating things.  You being YOU will further differentiate your PWJ.

And to go back and answer the original question - "is the planner market too saturated"No way!  The paper planner and journal market has been increasing steadily each year and is expected to reach $18.8 BILLION by 2024. 

Here's the reality - people want planners, workbooks, and journals and they are going to continue to want them.  Maybe your clients are already asking you for one?  

This is your time to give them what they want and create your PWJ.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers


After completing The Planner Academy,
you will...

  • Have taken creating your planner, workbook, or journal from TO DO to DONE
  • Understand how to create a planner, workbook, or journal and who to work with to get it printed and shipped to your customers
  • Have the knowledge, skill, and experience to create additional PWJs and expand your product line in the future

Ready to Create Your Planner, Workbook, or Journal?


$497 $297 USD