Why Your Business Needs a Lean Strategic Planning System In Order To Scale

Strategic planning is the backbone of consistently and effectively achieving your goals and revenue targets in your business, but most planning systems are far too complex, time intensive, and restrictive for a dynamic small business.

The lean strategic planning system is a proven and highly effective planning and goal achievement system that balances structure with flexibility and will help you cut through noise, distractions, and competing priorities so you can achieve your biggest goals and create a scalable, profitable, and sustainably successful business without working 24x7 and feeling like you need to trade your personal life, health, and freedom for your next level of business success.

It connects vision to execution so you have confidence you are always working on the right things to make your big bold vision and goals a reality as quickly as possible.


Strategic planning is the difference between great ideas and actual results.

It is the bridge between possibility and probability.

Here are the specific ways we support you to integrate lean strategic planning into your business.

Done-For-You Lean Strategic Planning

The Lean Out Method Team integrates into your team to facilitate strategic planning for you and your team while simultaneously teaching your team the lean strategic planning framework that will help you achieve your goals in half the time commitment.

Available as a one-time facilitation of annual or quarterly planning, or as an ongoing partnership as a fractional member of your leadership team where we take on leading your team through strategic planning and delivery of those plans. 

Investment: Varies based on need

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90 Day Lean Out Planner

The 90-Day Lean Out Planner is the go-to planner for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to achieve more in the next 90 days than they usually do in a full year.  We've taken the core elements of our lean strategic planning framework and turned them into a 90 day planner to help you stay laser focused on what matters most.

Planners are included in our done-with-you and done-for-you solutions.

Available in your choice of 7 beautiful colors, or you can go 100% digital.

Investment: $50 Physical | $27 Digital

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Done-For-You Monday.com Build Out

Once you have your strategic planning system in place, you want to keep things simple and visible by having the right tool in place for your team to leverage.  We'll build out your entire lean strategic planning system and train your team, within 1 day, leveraging our go-to tool, Monday.com. 

This can be added on to any done-for-you or done-with-you solution.

Investment: $3500

Hi, I'm Crista Grasso, a lean and agile expert, and the go-to strategic planning expert for leading global businesses and online entrepreneurs when they want to simplify and scale.
Over the past 2 decades, I have helped numerous companies of all shapes and sizes to achieve their biggest goals and revenue targets and sustainably scale by transforming how they plan and work and becoming more agile and adaptive.
I developed the Lean Strategic Planning framework to show you how to do the same.

The backbone of the lean strategic planning system is based on the 4 pillars of the Lean Out Method - Context, Clarity, Commitment, and Kaizen

Here are the business questions that the Lean Strategic Planning System answers:

  • Context:
    • What are the long term and short term vision and goals for the business?
    • What is the right business model based on our vision, goals, and target market?
  • Clarity:
    • How can I have confidence we are working on the right things at the right time?
    • How do I have insight into what everyone is working on?
    • When and how should we do our planning as a team and individually?
  • Commitment:
    • What project management tool do we commit to using as a team?
    • How do I push through mindset challenges and limiting beliefs?
    • How can we be as productive and efficient as possible?
  • Kaizen:
    • What should we measure?
    • How can we optimize our results?
    • How can we review our results to continuously improve and ensure we are working on the highest impact things? 

"Overall, it's been a tremendous experience for me, and I feel so much more confident

I am 100% more focused... No more unfinished projects. No more confusion for me about what should be a priority in my business. I'm achieving the vision for my business and I'm working in my zone of genius, and I am having a lot more fun and enjoying what I love to do because I'm not spinning my wheels anymore.

I have become more profitable and who doesn't love that!  While the profitability is amazing, I'm definitely loving how I am working smarter and not harder.  I've cleared away the overwhelm and the exhaustion."