1-Day Monday.com Build Outs, Each Monday

Let Lean Out Method build out your Monday.com system leveraging our proprietary lean strategic planning framework designed for small businesses scaling through the messy middle of $500k - $5m. 

Whether you need a build out from scratch or you need to reimagine how your current Monday.com is set up, we've got you!

As certified Monday.com partners and power users who run our entire business and our client's businesses on Monday, we know what you need for a simple system that works.

Best of all, we get it all built out and train your team FOR YOU, all within 1 day.

We dedicate each Monday to helping our clients install and optimize the use of Monday.com.

Here's how it works:

1. Choose your Monday!  We'll align on a date that works for you and your team so we can complete your build and do training within the same day.

2. Before our session, you'll fill out an assessment that will help us both understand the best solution for your business.

3. On your Mondayest Monday ever, we'll meet for 90 minutes in the morning to align on exactly what you need first and what we'll deliver. 

4. Team Lean Out Method then spends the day building out your system. 

5. We reconvene at the end of the day to review and to train your team.

Your team will literally be trained on and using your new system by Tuesday.  

BONUS: We then do a 1-week follow up call with you (and your team if you'd like) to answer any questions and make minor adjustments together on the call as needed.

In addition to the live components, you also get access to training videos and SOPs that your team can leverage to best utilize the tool, achieve your goals, and have visibility into progress along the way.

You are getting more than just a Monday.com build out, you are getting an entire lean strategic planning framework set up within an adaptable and easy to use online tool.

Investment for The Mondayest Monday Ever is $3000.

Advanced Monday.com build packages are also available, however we recommend starting with the foundations for a minimum of one month before exploring all of the amazing capabilities Monday has to offer, which we can co-create with you.