Hey Entrepreneurs!

Are you still:

  • Spending your precious time giving free advice... without getting paid?
  • Wasting time on things that drain your energy because you think it *might* accelerate your business?
  • Turning down opportunities to shine in your business because you’re scared of being seen?
  • Dumping tons of $ into online courses that sit on your computer and collect dust?


If you’re shaking your head “yassss” and wondering if we can somehow read minds, the answer is: YES, we can read minds (cue: evil laugh). But that’s only because we’ve “been there, done that.”

It took us many years to figure out how to ditch all these business-crushing behaviors. How, you might ask?

We created the FUCKIT LIST.


The FUCKIT LIST is all about ditching everything that holds you back from achieving your dreams and finally creating space for your ideal life and business!

We share how to say 'fuck it' to anything standing in your way and share tons of examples from our #LeanOutCircle.


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